Alice Lovelle

Hehehe, first story posted :} Umm, well, hope ya like what I wrote~!
It's about a girl named Alice and she lives in 16th century(1500s) England. And people, you can create your own characters in this story if ya wanna. Just letting you know that I look forward to it haha :D
Oh, I didn't know what to title it, so I just did her name.

It was early in the summer of 1539.  My sisters and I were washing the laundry in the shallow river that runs about a half-mile away from our house.  The oldest of us is Sarah, who is 21; then me, 16; and last is Lucy, who is 13.

Sarah was quietly spreading the clean, white sheets over some bushes nearby, while Lucy and I were kneeling on the riverbank, washing and chattering away.

"If Mother and Father expect you to go to that Emma Galey's birthday next month, you do need a new dress!  You are growing as tall as a tree," I said.

Lucy laughed and agreed.  She stood up and we looked at how the end of her muddy skirt only reached to a little below her knees.  Most of her others were like that, too.  Many people think it is shameful to have skirts that short, so usually I let Lucy wear one of mine when she needs one.

For Emma's party, she would certainly need one, but none of mine would be appropriate for that type of occasion other than the one I'm planning on wearing.  Emma couldn't care less what Lucy goes to her party wearing, but mother wouldn't have us go in anything that looked unkempt.

The Galey family have been friends with our family since before Mother and Father were married.  Mrs. Galey is our mother's childhood friend.  She and Mr. Galey have two children:  a son named Stephen who is 19 years old; and Emma, who is 13, like Lucy.  Emma and Lucy are best friends.

"Sarah!  You are going to the party, right?"  asked Lucy.

"No, I don't think so,"  Sarah replied hesitantly.

"Oh, but you have to!  I'm sure that Stephen would-"

"Well, I am far too busy to go to parties.  Plus I don't have anything to wear.  Therefore, I am sorry, but I cannot go," Sarah said while blushing fiercely.

Lucy and I giggled and turned back to our work. It had turned windy, and the breeze felt good after being out in the sun for hours.

"Alice," Lucy whispered to me.  "I think we should try to get Mother to make a brand new dress for Sarah.  You know as well as I do how much Sarah would love to come along!  Especially because of Stephen."

"That's a wonderful idea!  We could ask Mother after dinner while-" I was interrupted by a little shriek.  I looked over my shoulder at Sarah, who was frantically trying to catch a sheet that had apparently blown off of a bush.  I saw a flash of light blue dart behind a tree and ran after it.

I grabbed at the form and pulled it so it was facing me.  It turned out to be the little 9-year-old nuisance that was Daniel Shawe.  Daniel is convinced he's in love with me.  I have caught him spying on several occasions.

"Daniel!  Do you want me to tell your parents this time?" I shouted.

"No, please, do not tell on me Alice!  I promise it won't happen again!" he pleaded.

I scowled and pushed him away.  After I was sure he was gone, I turned and started walking to my sisters.  I stopped when I realized they weren't there.  I could hear screaming in the distance, so I started running toward it.  Down the river a bit, I could see Lucy in the middle of the river flailing her arms around.  The water was up to her neck.  I ran faster.

Then I heard laughing.  I looked, and Sarah was standing on the edge of the river with her hand over her mouth and she was smiling.  I stood there, puzzled.  Sarah saw me and called me over.

"Lucy was chasing the sheet and it went over the river.  She wasn't paying attention to where she was, and she fell in!  It was so funny, you should have seen her face," Sarah seemed to have to hold her sides so she didn't fall apart from laughing too hard.

"But she got right back up and started chasing it again.  When she came to the middle, her foot got stuck and she fell again.  She is still stuck in there!  Oh Alice, could you get her out?  You know I don't like the water," 

I laughed at the situation and agreed to help Lucy out.  By this time she was standing again, and desperately trying to pull her foot out of the sticky mud.  When I got to her, I saw that her face was pure red and she was frowning.  She looked up at me and pointed to the opposite riverbank.

"The sheet is over there.  You can get that, and I can get myself out," she said breathlessly.

"Okay." I waded to the sheet, folded it up, and held it over my head while slowly wading back.

After that, we arranged our laundry and headed home.

The End

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