Falling and Arriving

Alice felt a push and suddenly her body fell forwards, straight into the rabbit hole! She attemped to hold on to the tufts of grass but couldn't get a good enough grip - the last thing she saw before falling was the grinning face of the white rabbit in the waistcoat.

Expecting to face a cold, hard ground almost straight away, Alice tensed herself up; only to find herself falling further than any hole in the world! It was never-ending, and soon Alice started to relax so that she was floating. Just floating.

With  a start, Alice leaned to the side as a large grand piano flew down and hovered next to her for a moment or two, then carried on sinking. A grand piano? What?She thought. Hesitantly, as though somoeone would be right behind her, Alice looked around and gasped.

The rabbit hole was so much bigger - she could make herself as big as possible and still not reach the sides! The walls were covered with cupboards and shelves, and there was lots of random objects floating around with her: teacups and saucers, flower vases, stools, even things as big as chairs and tables!

Alice tried to grab on to a cupboard door or a shelf, but it seemed impossible. After what felt like a few hours, the long drop finally ended, and Alice was hrown on to the floor in the middle of a hall.

Well, a round room. The floor was marble tiles in black and white, with lots of different patterns on them. The walls were a maroon colour with doors in it. Yes, lots and lots of doors. They were different sizes and different colours but they were all doors.

Of course, Alice thought this was all crazy, but she had no idea what was coming her way next.

The End

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