[Pushed] Down The Rabbit Hole

Alice started singing again as she skipped through the woods in the direction of a clearing. When she came to it, she sat down and began to make a daisy chain.

--------- Elsewhere [White rabbit]---------

The white rabbit stopped. It heard a voice, singing. Then, he stood up on his hind legs and dusted himself off. He was wearing a dark blue waistcoat with many pockets, white gloves and a large fan. It took out it's golden pocket watch and gasped. She was the one! He remembered the queen's instructions clearly:  The girl who goes at 12 o'clock noon, shall be the one to be here at the full moon. GO!  The white rabbit collected his fan from the ground and crept towards the singing voice. When he came to the clearing, there was a girl sat on the grass making a daisy chain. It was her he wanted.

She had long golden hair, pale skin, bright blue eyes and, of course, a beautiful voice. She saw wearing a mid-thigh length pale blue dress and white socks and pumps. Just beyond where she was sitting was her way through. The rabbit hole. The white rabbit smiled.


Out of the corner of her eye, Alice noticed a small white creature. A rabbit? she throught, in a waistcoat? What?  She stood up and shook her head then blinked a couple of times. No, she wasn't dreaming or imagining things - there was a white rabbit in a waitcoat right in front of her. She hesitantly walked towards the rabbit and held out her hand to tame it. The rabbit gave a small smile. Now all it had to do was lure her into the rabbit hole. He bounded over next to the rabbit hole and scurried down it. Just as he expected, Alice followed him and looked down the burrow.

What Alice didn't know was that the rabbit burrow didn't lead anywhere - apart from about 50 metres away - until she went down it. The white rabbit bounced out the other side and ran round the big tree. With a grin and laugh, he pushed her down the rabbit hole.

The End

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