Alice in Thunderland

Based on the oiginal Alice in Wonderland. I also did a poem with the same title.

"La, la laa~~La la laa~~" Alice Liddell sung in her pretty voice. She sat down on the dry, green grass and looked out over the river and fields. The sky was bright blue with the white hot sun blazing at it's highest point. In contrast, the fields were an emerald green, the trees a shade darker; like a hunter green. Below the fields and trees was Alice's favourite view - the tumbling, turquoise, fish-infested river. On this particular Saturday, the river was a sapphire blue, reflecting the sky. The small rocks that created stepping stones across the river were overflowing with greeny-blue water; flashes of orange or red would appear because of the so many different types of fish.

Alice loved the dissimilar but natural colours of the countryside, and she loved painting them. But Alice had already painted the beautiful sight, twice. She was bored. She knew the whole area like the back of her hand, and she'd already gone exploring and had nothing to do whilst Lorina, Alice's older sister, was reading her book. She knew everything she did was old fashioned but painting was her favourite hobby and, as for the dress, well it was summer and she'd just come from her friend's house. In the end, Alice decided to go and see her sister. "Lorina! Lori! What're you reading?" Alice called, walking over.

"Jane Eyre. Don't pull that face! The classics are the best!" She smiled

"Classics? Don't you mean 'old-fashioned'?" Alice grinned.

"Hey, shut up! If you tried reading them you'd like them, knowing you! Hypocrite!"

"Yeah, yeah.... When can we go home, Lori? I'm bored!"

"Soon. Just let me finish this chapter." Lorina simply replied, already back engrossed into her book. Alice walked off in the direction of the forest she knew too well.

But there was one tree that was not there before, and that meant one more creature that lived within the depths of the woods...

The End

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