Into the other world

Alice rubbed her eyes, oblivious to the dark circles forming there from lack of a decent night's sleep, and dipped the paintbrush into the tin of blood red liquid.  It was a delicate job that had to be done, since if there was a speck of paint anywhere but the petals, the painter would be beheaded.  The White Rabbit inspected them himself, and nothing, but nothing, escaped his keen pink eyes.

The girl stood stiffly as the Rabbit came around, but, as always, her left hand (the one holding the brush) was trembling with nerves. The Rabbit nodded briskly while he was inspecting them, and Alice almost relaxed, until he paused.

"What, young lady, is that?"  Alice chewed on her lip, and bent down to look at where he was pointing with a soft paw.

"P-Paint, sir..."

"And is it on the petals?"

She shook her head.  There was a pinprick of red on the side of a thorn, and she knew what would follow.

"Wait here, Alice. And don't touch that rose."  She nodded again, her eyes wide with fear.  They'd cut off her head for sure!  And what would Hatter say? He'd looked after her since she was little, and now she'd be beheaded, leaving him all alone again...


"Y-Yes, Your Highness."



Alice caught sight of the seven of spades and the five of diamonds move from their posts to apprehend her, and adrenaline coursed through her veins.  She took a deep breath, and ran straight at them.  They're only cards, only cards... She passed them with a mere fluttering sound as they fell to the ground, and she sprinted into the South Woods.  She'd always been fast, much faster than the cards, that is, but she knew as well as any what other means the Queen had at her disposal to catch runaways.

As if on cue, a haunting shriek pierced the air.  The Jubjub bird....  She ran faster still, jumping over fallen tree trunks and flowers, dodging around trees and bushes, until she lost her footing.  She fell with a scream, and her heart jolted as she... missed the floor?  Alice opened her eyes hesitantly, and yes, she was still falling.  Underground, with strange lights flashing past her.  Tall metallic poles, with lights overhanging.  A red two story building on wheels, rushing past her, with glowing yellow eyes at the front, and red ones at the rear.

She fell for an eternity, until the ground finally met up with her.  Except it wasn't the forest floor she was expecting.

She stood up, looking at the dark grey substance beneath her black shoes. It was hard, and wide, with a dashed white line running along it.  Where was she?

The End

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