Alice from Wonderland

So you've all heard the story of a curious young girl falling from our world into another, but have you heard the other story? The one about the curious young girl being influenced by the Alice we all know and love, and falling from Wonderland into our world?

"Hatter, tell me again why the story of Alice is forbidden."

"Because, my dear, if young ladies such as yourself got ideas, it would be truely disasterous."

"But I know the story, I read it somewhere, so why can't I go to the land that Alice is from?"

"Because, Alice, today is your Unbirthday, and we all know what happens if you get in trouble on your Unbirthday, hm?"

"Her Majesty the Queen of Hearts will surely get very angry and cut off my head..."

"Right you are, Alice, now off to bed you go, and I'll hear no more of this nonsense."

"But Hatter, you'd know all about that, wouldn't you?  Good night."

"Good night, child."


A smallish, black haired girl fell from her hammock, waking with a small yelp.  She'd always been a restless sleeper, and had tried, on multiple occaisions, to persuade Hatter to let her have a bed instead of a hammock, but he wouldn't have it. "Not until you've turned eighteen, Alice!"  She rubbed her head where it had hit the floor, and stood up, glancing at the egg timer that the Hatter had given her in the abscence of a working pocket watch.  She swiftly changed into her working clothes; a red dress with a white apron over the front, a series of dark red hearts sewn into the sleeves and skirt, and the apron was covered in spatters of blood red paint.  She pulled a brush through her tangled mess of waist-length thick black hair, and picked up the bucket of paint and a brush, heading out the heart shaped door, and into the gardens of the Queen of Heart's palace.

It was her job, after all, to paint the roses red.

The End

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