Alice AwakensMature

Suddenly Alice’s blue dress Started glowing bright blue. The tulip stopped moving. Alice looked up in anger. Her eyes glowing like little stars. Alice held out her hand subconsciously and a blue blast erupted out of her hand. Tulip jumped back in surprise and narrowly escaped. Alice stood back up. Below her feet pure green grass was growing. Silver started to glow from Alice’s chest and arms as a small breastplate and armlets materialized Over Alice’s cloths. The Wooden sword transformed into a silver blade and shrunk down to her size. Alice’s Long blond hair seemed to float in the air behind her. The Tulip looked at Alice in fear. “Wha….. what is happening?” Tulip muttered. “What was that you ugly weed?” Alice said in a voice that seemed to resonate with the land itself. Alice Lifted Up into the air about six feet. Tulip stood back up and grabbed the ground. A large pillar of ground erupted out from beneath Alice. The Pillar did not make it further than three feet up before it disintegrated from the very existence.


Blue lightning struck the area around Alice as if they were chaining a cage around her. Alice floated higher and higher Until She was twelve feet into the air and held her hand out. The Sword shot through the air and into her hand. “Lets see. How do we deal with weeds? I believe we cut them off at the root.” Alice said lifting the blade above her head. Blue energy cackled and the smell of ozone was undeniable. Alice Slashed the blade down and a rip in the very fabric of time and space was torn in a large gash. An explosion erupted forth towards The Tulip. The Tulip dodged the flames and willed several blocks of ground into the air. They were soon sent flying at Alice but they shattered like glass before they could reach her. Strange forms started crawling out of the chasm that Alice had cut open. Black flatish rectangular forms holding spears. They marched out in a single file line. Tulip looked at them and then realized. “Cards!” The Tulip Gasped before falling bach and decimating them with her magic.


“Don’t forget about the main attraction for the party!” The Mad hatters voice said before The Hatter landed right behind Tulip. He brought down his scissor saw and made a large gash in the leg of the Tulip. “Argh I must tell The King this news.” Tulip said. The tulip shoved both of her hands into the ground and summoned A wall of Crystal around her. “Such a pitiful shield made out of a world that is destined to fall will not stop me.” Alice said. The wall fell apart like a thin wall of dirt that is sprayed with high pressure water. But there was no Tulip. 

The End

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