Alice remembers.Mature

Alice ran around the hedges With the three figures marching in a messy march behind her. Alice then came to a large open area of grass and an opening at the very end of it. “Ah that is the entrance. Lets go!” Alice said. The three figures stopped marching and ran as fast as they could out of the garden. Alice lagged behind. She was not fast enough. Suddenly Alice was grabbed by her collar and picked her up. “Ah Help!” Alice screamed. The Hatter turned around. “You!” The hatter said with Hate. “Ahahahahaha yes me. It is I. Tulip.” A woman’s voice said. Alice was thrown back. Once Alice looked ahead she saw a woman clothed in green sparkly tight armor, long pink hair, and a large pink hat with tulips on it. The Hatter reached into his hat. “I knew you would meet me here eventually if we continued partying. So I created this to destroy you.” The Hatter said pulling out a large pair of thick scissors. At closer look the top half of it was a double chainsaw and the bottom half was blade that closed in between the two chainsaws.


“By the way where are the rest of you weeds?” The hatter asked. Tulip gasped and then almost instantly regained her composure. “The others made it out of the maze. I was left here to deal with you before you joined the Kings army.” The woman said. The Hatter jumped to the side as The tulip thrust her had up in a pointing position. A pillar of ground shot up where the Hatter used to be. “Hm you know enough to dodge my totem poles.” The Tulip said. Raising her hand again. The Hatter dodged the pillars that shot out of the ground and slowly made his way towards the Tulip. “Fool. No magician is complete without some kind of close range combat training.” The Tulip said reaching her hand deep into the ground and pulling out a steel rapier. “Ah but whether or not you have training is useless if your training betrays you.” The Hatter said clanging is blade against her weapon. The Tulip and the Hatter exchanged blows over and over again.


Finally after several minuets of intense fighting The hatter grabbed the rapier in his scissors and broke it. “You loose.” The hatter happily said. The Tulip held out her hand and a pillar of ground erupted from underneath the Hatter at pummeling speeds. Ten, twenty, thirty, now forty feet into the air. “Hatter!” The dormouse yelled at the top of its tiny lungs. “Now that that nuisance is finished where is Alice?” The tulip asked. “Alice was speechless. The tulip looked around and spotted Alice’s blue cloths. “Ah you must be Alice. If I kill you here I will be praised, no, glorified by the king. I might even become the next queen.” The Tulip said walking over to Alice after materializing a knife. Alice fell down and crawled backwards before grabbing her wooden sword on her hip and holding it up in front of her. “Ha you think that will stop me. Little girl you are nothing now. I Wonder why Every one puts so much faith in a girl who is just a tiny tyke.” He tulip said bashing the blade out of Alices hands.


“I. I’m going to die.” Alice thought. “She is going to kill me.” Alice panicked. Sudeny a rose fell down into Alice’s hand. Time slowed. Alice thought a million miles an hour. Then suddenly she remembered something. A Queen that was Killed by a King. Her friends turning into animals. That was all.

The End

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