Meeting The Mad Hatter.Mature

Alice was ecstatic. “Riding on a horse like a princess. I’m so happy.” She laughed. The king smiled and turned way as it turned into a frown. The small caravan stopped when they reached a large and familiar looking castle covered in large vines and flowers. There was a large path that was covered in dead roots and withering roses. The king smiled and grabbed Alice around the waists placing her on the ground. “Alice now listen to me. There is a man in there with a very large hat. I want you to speak to him and bring him to us.” The king said with a grin. “Ha ok” Alice said with a big grin. Alice skipped into the gate. “Sir. The Girls of the golden afternoon are no were to be found.” A guard said. “Very well. Be wary and keep searching if they catch us off guard then we could easily loose our life’s.” The king said quietly watching Alice disappear into the gates.


Alice skipped through the gates and entered a giant garden. Giant roses the size of peoples. The ruined walls were covered in red hearts who’s paint had been withered down. Alice heard music and laugher in the distance. The music was a mixture of joyful and melancholy. Alice followed the trail through the garden until she saw a table with three figures sitting at it drinking tea and eating cakes.


One of the figures was a three foot tall brown rabbit. He wore a brown coat with blue buttons and breast pockets that were filled with random junk. He looked at Alice with his big blue eyes. “Ah…. Is that Alice finally coming to have tea with us?” He asked in a deepish hurried voice. The two figures who had there backs towards Alice looked over. One was a tiny mouse with freakishly long whiskers reaching to over a foot. He had a tiny sword slung around his belt and a red cape. “Ah Alice it is so nice of you to finally come. Here, here, have a bit of tea and a cake. They are delicious.” The mouse said. The other figure stepped out of his chair and faced it out for Alice to sit down. He wore a massive green hat with a card on it, a green over coat, purple undercoat, green pants that were obviously to big for him, and brown shoes. Alice gladly took the seat and the man pushed the seat in and took the seat right next to her.


“So Alice how was your trip?” The man asked. “Oh Wonderland is just a wonderful place. I have enjoyed it so much.” Alice said. “Oh dear Hatter you forgot. Our intro.” The mouse squeaked. “Ah yes I did indeed forget. My dear Alice. I am the Hatter mad.” The man said. “He means the Mad hatter.” The rabbit said in a desperate quick voice. “And THAT Is the March Hare and I am the Door mouse.” The mouse squeaked. “Ah Yes that is us and us is we. We find that we are who we say we are. Not like who they say we were.” The Hatter said picking up a teapot and poring some tea into a cup. The Mouse grabbed the tea and scurried over to give Alice the tea cup.


 “Alice do you like riddles?” The hatter asked. “Oh I love riddles.” Alice said. “OK. How is a raven like a writing desk?” The hatter asked. “Because bad notes come from both!” The dormouse yelled. “Because Poe wrote on both!” The Hare yelled out throwing a tea cup at the hatter. The hatter dodged the cup and stood up. “NO it is because quills are found on both.” The Hatter yelled. “Ah good one old boy.” The Hare said uncapping the salt and handing it to the door mouse. “Ah yes that was an absolutely smashing Riddle.” The Mouse said tipping some salt on his cake and accidentally pouring it all onto it once the cap fell off. The march Hare stifled a laugh.


“Ah this tea is so good.” Alice said. “Oh I’m so glad you liked it. I poured it myself.” The hatter said pouring a cup for himself. The dormouse grabbed a cake and started eating into it. “Do you know where we are?” Alice asked. “I know precisely where we are. We are here. Unless we are not. Then we are somewhere else.” The Hatter said. “Well that makes sense.” Alice said after thinking it over for a while. “Whether that makes sense or if sense makes that Is a question that I have been asking for a long time.” The hatter said. “Well that does not make any kind of sense.” Alice said. “Well…. Make up your mind. Does or doesn’t it make sense?” The Hatter asked.


Alice looked at The Hatter in wonder before taking another sip of tea. Once the Hatter calmed down he sat back down and began drinking tea. “Um Hatter?” Alice said. “What is it?” The Hatter asked picking up some sugar cubes and plopping them in the tea. “I came in here to get you.” Alice said. Every one stopped everything. “You know the way out?” The March hare asked. “Yes I do, it isn’t that far.” Alice said. “Well then lets get going.” The dormouse said pulling his sword out and holding it forward. “Agreed. Lets go.” The Hatter said standing up. The March Hare jumped onto the Table and grabbed a four foot long fork with sharp ends. “I’m ready to fight our way out.” He said. The Hatter started grapping tea cups and tea pots and shoved them into his hat. “How much can you hold in your hat?” Alice asked after he shoved one of the cake tables into it somehow. “I dunno.” The Hatter said pushing the last chair inside of it. “Alright every one it is time to leave!” The hatter said. “Form up.” The Mouse yelled. The three of them formed a line and began to march in a dysfunctional march behind Alice. 

The End

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