The path is open.Mature

Alice looked at the massive human sized butterfly. Its giant white wings had black outlines which perfectly countered the yellow color of the body. “Hahaha your so pretty.” Alice smiled. “Pretty? No. not pretty. I am another abomination of wonder land.” He said. The butterfly landed right next to Alice. “Hm it seems that you have recovered a bit of your power. Enough to repair the vorpal blade. But it is still wooden. There is no way you can destroy the king with this.” The butterfly said. “Ha with practice and with training we can turn Alice into the being she was before.” The Dodo bird said bringing her blade into a sparring stance.


“Do you know how we can turn her back into the being she was before?” The king asked the butterfly. “Yes I do. If she regains her memories of this place then Trueland will regain its previous power. And I have also noticed another thing. Once Alice came back Wonderland has had a substantial decrease in power. In fact it has had such a drawback that the path to the Old queens castle has opened.” The butterfly said readjusting his monocle. “What the Old Queen of hearts castle is open. Then that Means that the mad hatter isn’t trapped any more in the royal rose garden!” The king said excitedly. “Yes but there is another problem. The Golden afternoon has also been released.” The butterfly said ruffling its beautiful white wings in worry. “Prepare an expedition party. We are going for a walk.” The king said rushing to the courtroom.

The End

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