The ButterflyMature

William looked at Alice. “Alice!” He shouted before running to her and embracing her. “I was so worried about you.” William said. “Now the sibling stars are united and we can begin.” The king said. William looked at the giant rabbit. “He came back for me when you fell down the well.” William said. “Did you see Bayard on the way here?” Alice asked. “Who?” William asked. “Oh William I have so much to talk to you about.” Alice said excitedly. “Not now William has had a long trip and it is time that you got to bed Alice.” The king said placing a hand on the back of both of the children and guiding them into the castle. The Dodo who was guarding the castle gates took William, and the King guided Alice into her room.


Alice slept soundly until late morning the next day. The sound of clanging woke her up. She looked out her window to see William fighting the Dodo bird with a wooden swords. “William watch out!” Alice said out the window. Alice ran down to the court yard to see that the Dodo was not fighting with William but they were instead practicing. “We aren’t getting hurt. The cool knight was just showing me how to fight with a sword.” William said. “Well now I’m not as good with the sword as you think.” The Dodo said. “Cool. I want to learn the sword to.” Alice said excitedly. “Haha well Alice this is your lucky day. We happen to have a wonderful practice sword just right for you.” The Dodo bird said laughing. The Dodo Bird walked into a nearby shrine and brought out a wooden sword. It looked familiar to Alice but she could not remember from where. Its blade had some kind of writing on it but she could not read it.


“Wait.” William said. He grabbed the Dodo birds wing. “That blade is damaged.” He said. Upon further inspection the wooden blade was covered in cracks and notches “Just watch and you will see what the White rabbit was saying.” The Dodo bird said. The Dodo bird gave the wooden sword to Alice and returned to his place. “Alice looked at the blade Its cracks seemed to heal and fuse. The notches filled in with some kind of magic which turned into wood. “Um Dodo? My Sword is fixed.” Alice said curios. “So it did. Which only goes to show that you are undoubtedly the Alice that we want. “Not Quite. The Alice we remember is not here. But This Alice will have to do for right now.” A Deep voice said from above. Alice looked up to see a large butterfly. “Hello Alice I am the Butterfly.”

The End

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