The King of Hearts.Mature

“Sir urgent news from our spies.” A messenger said to the King of Hearts. “What Is it?” The king asked. The messenger stepped forward into the huge thrown room. Thousands of yards In either direction but what was most astonishing was how long it was. The length made up four football stadiums and that was not including the stairs leading to the area that the actual thrown was. The height of the room was hysterically tall. It was a massive room but any sound inside of it echoed and one could hear a pin hit the floor from clear across the room.


“The king in all of his dark splendor sat on a thrown of bones. Not just random bones but of skeletons. They stood around him and held out there hands to form a backrest. Three skeletons were crouched over to form the seat where the king sat. Other skeletons were laying down to create the foot rests. The rest of the thrown was elevated by giant stairs created out of bones. Randomly place in a chaotic order to form perfectly stable stair. Where the red carpet should go, the main steps so to say, were not just random bones but were bowing skeletons.


 Eight minuets later the messenger reached the bottom of the first flight of stairs. “Speak.” The king said in his dark, unholy voice that echoed throughout the entire castle. “Uh y-your highness. The S-stars. The stars have resonated and have started to shine.” The messenger said. “WHAT!” the King shouted. The young messenger turned white as a ghost. The king Stood up and there was a shift of the air. The messenger grasped his neck as he slowly suffocated from lack of air. The king walked out of the room and stared out into the sky. The two stars shined brightly. “Alice.” The king said to himself. “Your back.”

The End

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