A Night looking at the StarsMature

The White Queen was in good moods. Sending out messages to many other cities that were under her control. Telling them to prepare there armies. Everyone seemed really busy. Until night descended upon the city. Alice escaped out of the castle and took a long walk through the city streets. She stopped at the giant statue of the King of Hearts. Everything seemed to be covered in the devastation of the forest but the statue. As if to send a message. “Stay here! No matter where you go Wonderland will still kill you. The only refuge is under my wing.” Is what it seemed to say.


“Amazing isn’t it?” The kings voice said. “Alice looked around for the White king. “Up here.” He said. Alice looked up and saw the White king sitting on the statues shoulder looking up towards the stars. In particular there was one star that seemed to shine brighter than all of the others. “See that star up there Alice?” He asked. Alice looked at the star more intently. It was a golden yellow And it was ten times bigger than any other star out there. The only star that was a brilliant as it was a massive blue star right next to it. “Those stars are called the sibling stars. You are the yellow one.” The king said jumping down from the shoulder to the back of the horse to the ground. “Then who is the blue one?” Alice asked. “That my dear Alice is the Other sibling. We sent the white rabbit out after him.” The King said. Suddenly a horn blew. “Open the gates!” A shout said over the night sky. “It seems that they are here.” The king said.

Alice and the White King ran to the front gates To see a giant White rabbit accompanying a young boy the same age as Alice. He was clothed in light green armor and had a dagger on his side inside of a sheath. Although it was a dagger it was just the right size for him to use as easily as a normal person would use a normal sword. His blond hair looked familiar to Alice. The boy looked up and Alice gasped. “William?”

The End

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