The storie comes outMature

“This is Alice.” The Dodo bird said bowing and kissing the ring on the kings hand. At the mere mention of Alice’s name the Queen of Hearts Perked up and looked around. “Alice where!” She Shouted with strength that was hard to imagine the Queen having with her current strength. The Queen got up from her chair and walked over to them. The dodo stepped aside and the two Tweedles walked up holding Alice’s hands. “This is Alice?” The Queen Asked in Surprise. “That Is indeed Alice.” The Dodo bird said. “Hey where is Bayard?” The king asked looking around. “Unfortunately Bayard sacrificed himself keeping Alice away from the Bandersnatch.” The Dodo Said sadly. “The King Saddened suddenly but went back to smiling almost instantly. “Well we have Alice here now so all is good.” The king said.


“All is lost!” The Queen shouted limping to her thrown. “Why my dearest. We have Alice and now all is well.” The king said happily. “No All is lost. We needed a warrior. Not a CHILD.” The queen screamed back. The Queen cuddled up oh her Thrown and held herself in a hug as if she was comforting herself. “Dear. She may be a child but she is still Alice. And Alice is Alice no matter what size. Remember? Last time she was here she battled the Queen of Hearts. Do you remember Alice cleaving into the ranks of the cards men decimating there formations?” The King encouraged. “A lot has happened since then. Remember? The King Defeated out most powerful troops in seconds, He marched right in here and killed our son, and then he takes people out of our Kingdom and he makes them into slaves? Do you remember?” The White Queen Sobbed. “How are we going to destroy him now? We placed all of our hopes on Alice and what happens? She is a child.” She yelled.


The King glared at the queen. Pure sadness was in his eyes. He raised his hand and slapped the Queen. “SHUT UP! We did not put all of our hopes in a failing gamble. We placed our hopes in a person who’s love drove her to return to us. I Remember all of what the King does. I cry about the people who are taken, I cry about the people who live in fear of the king. BUT DO YOU REMEMBER?! DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN WE HAD LOST ALL HOPE! WHEN WE HAD TRIED TO OPEN THE DOOR AND CLIMB THE STAIRS. AND WHEN WE HAD FAILED. WE WERE SO CLOSE TO GIVING UP AND JUST DIEING OUT UNDER THE KING. BUT THEN WHEN ALL HOPE HAD BEEN LOST THE LAST OF THE POWER OF TRUELAND MUSTERED AND OPENED THE DOOR!” The King Yelled at the now frightened White Queen. “He has never Yelled at The Queen, let alone slap her.” The Dodo bird gasped. The entire court room was silent. “YOUR RIGHT!” The queen yelled now with a smile.

The End

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