The White Queen and KingMature

The dodo bird took Alice to town on her Jabberwocky. “Where is this?” Alice asked. “This is the city of the white Queen.” The dodo Replied. Alice looked around to see a large city over taken by the forest. Large mushrooms dominated the streets, giant flowers had dominated the sky above, massive proportions of Ivy and vines clawed to the outer and the castle walls. In the center of the town square was a giant statue of a man on a horse with a sword held high above his bearded head.


“Who is that?” Alice asked. “Who, Him? Don’t you know. I thought you would know.” The dodo said to Alice. “No I have never seen the man before. Who is he?” Alice said. “He is the King of Hearts.” Dee said. Dee and Dum had finally woken up and had crawled out of the pouch that was saddled on the Jabberwocky. “King of Hearts. Like the card?” Alice asked. “Exactly.” Dum said falling out of the pouch and rolling around before getting to his feet. “But the card has not killed millions in the name of suppression and unquestioned dominance.” The Dodo bird said. “So where are we going?” Alice asked. “We are going to the White Queen.” The Dodo said grabbing Alice and sitting her up on top of the Jabberwocky again before continuing to walk to the Giant ivy covered castle.



The Queen of hearts was a rather small person. She was pale to the point of being able to see the veins just below her skin. Not only did she look unhealthily pale, but she was malnutrition, balding, unkempt, dirty, and scared. Not scared like a child hiding under her covers from the lightning, but more like a mental patient who though everybody hater her and in result she had taken up crawling in the corner and wept herself to sleep. “My Queen.” The Dodo said bowing. “Ah my noble knight.” The now tarnished White Queen said looking at him suspiciously. “Welcome my most honored royal knight. We welcome you with open arms.” The White King said walking into the royal chamber from one of the many hallways.


He was a King dressed entirely in white from his head to his toes. He wore a judges wig on his head and sported a massive white mustache. A giant white royal robe with golden trimmings that poofed out in the shoulders and the belly. White pants, white socks, and white shoes with another poof of white where the shoelaces should be. He reached out with his pure white strong hand. Upon further inspection Alice noticed that the only thing that wasn’t white was his rosy cheeks and his bright blue eyes. The king was full of life and full of energy and it showed in the way he acted and the way he held himself. There was just a joyous aura around him that made people smile. “Hello I am the white King.” 

The End

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