the Dodo Bird.Mature

“Faster!” Dum said. Alice was already running as fast as her legs could carry her. “A howl was heard over the sound of Alice’s heartbeat. Alice tripped over a tall hanging root. “Alice!” Dee shouted. “No if it is Alice then she will……” Dum was cut short. He was running but he Stopped and rolled forward a couple of times before running into the leg of the Bandersnatch.


“She will what?” The Bandersnatch asked. “No you wont kill us here.” Dee yelled pulling out I tiny crossbow approximately six inches small and shot it at the Bandersnatch. The arrow bounced harmlessly off of its fur. The Bandersnatch swatted Dee into a tree. “Sister!” Dum yelled. “Don’t worry. I’m not going to kill you two. I am just going to kill her.” The Bandersnatch said in its annoying gentlemanly accent. The Bandersnatch began walking towards Alice taking his time.


“HAAAAAAA!” A yell rang out into the lonely forest. Alice watched paralyzed as a black mass shot through the air and rammed right into the Bandersnatchs side. The two Figures tumbled through the woods and came to a sop when the two rammed into a thick tree. The black mass shifted off of the Bandersnatch and made a stop between the Alice and the Bandersnatch. The black mass stepped into the light to reveal a black Dragon. “Get back!” A female voice yelled. Alice crawled behind a bush. The Bandersnatch shot around the wyvern at an alarming speed. The dragon grabbed its tail and swung the Bandersnatch in a wide arc slamming him into a tree. The Bandersnatch slashed at the dragon with its bloody claw making sparks off of the dragons scales. The dragon arced its head and bit the Bandersnatch in the neck. The Bandersnatch struggled as the wyvern flung him into a nearby boulder.


 “Now my trusty friend.” The voice said again. A large fattened bird with short stubby wings bearing silver armor with purple trimmings ran out of the bushes and was grabbed by the wyvern. “For your crimes against the people of Trueland and as an evil that a knight cannot forgive I herby execute you.” The bird said. The dragon turned around and around in a circle spinning faster and faster. Suddenly the wyvern let go of the bird. The bird soared through the air at alarming speeds. The Bandersnatchs eyes grew big as it realized that the large bird was now a large cannonball in its hard silver armor. The Bandersnatch tried to run but it was to late. The cannonball made a connection with the Bandersnatchs side in full force. The two smashed into the boulder, which was cracked into hundreds of pieces. The Bandersnatch stood up and limped away whimpering. After a while The giant bird got up and hobbled over to Alice. “Hello Alice. I am the dodo bird. It is a pleasure to meet you again.”

The End

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