the BandersnatchMature

Alice opened the bottle and took a tiny sip of the drink. Alice felt really hot and feverish. She grew at an alarming rate and stopped at her normal  three and a half feet. Alice looked down to see the two foot tall Tweedles fighting in an almost comical way. “Hey don’t leave me down here!” Bayard squeaked. Alice place the puny bottle right next to the tiny bloodhound. Soon the dog was back to its normal size. “Tweedles! Behave!” Bayard barked. The two Tweedles fell backwards and rolled back to their feet. “It was her that started it.” Dum said. “No it was Him.” Dee said. The two started fighting but Bayard began growling and the two stepped away from each other whilst giving each other dirty looks.


“Tweedles take us to the Dodo.” Bayard commanded. Tweedle Dum Pulled out a compass and Spoke to it. “Take us to the Dodo.” Dum said. The compass pointed towards the north. “Ok Alice lets go.” Dee said grabbing her hand with her own tiny hand. Alice had no choice but to follow. She did not know where she would go. Everything seemed so beautiful. The blues, the reds, the yellows, the pinks and the purples, all the colors looked so good to the child who was new to the vast forest of wonderland.


“What is that?” Alice asked pointing into the distance. “Bayard looked and his eyes grew wide. “Alice, Tweedles be very very quiet. Follow me.” Bayard said. “What is it?” Alice asked worried. It is the Bandersnatch. Luckily it is napping right now.” Bayard whispered. The Tweedles who were also curios suddenly became more cautious. “What is a Bandersnatch?” Alice asked. “Did somebody ask for me.” A deep gentlemanly voice said. There before the four was a giant bear looking mass of claws and teeth. Its fur was grey. The Bandersnatch was nine feet tall and it was hunched over on all fours. Blood was splattered all over its fur and its claws were coated. In it. “Oh. Is this the Alice that you have been so anxious to bring to wonderland? She doesn’t look to menacing. How can she possibly defeat The King?” The Bandersnatch asked licking its teeth.


Bayard grabbed The bottle of strange grow juice from Alice’s hand. She did not even know that she was holding it until now. “Run Alice! Tweedles guide her safely To the Dodo bird.” Bayard yelled. Suddenly Bayard grew. He grew to a massive size towering over the mushrooms. Now he was the same size as the Bandersnatch. “He must have drank the whole thing.” Dum said in alarm. “But that will have disastrous affects!” Dee gasped. “GO NOW!” Bayard barked. Dee grabbed Alice’s hand and ran as fast as she could. “Hmmm I have never fought a giant blood hound. Lets see what you can do.” The Bandersnatch smiled.

The End

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