The Tweedles Make no SenseMature

Bayard opened the door by nudging his nose against it. Alice crawled through and Bayard followed soon after he ate a bit of the cookie himself. “How will we get to our normal size?” Alice asked looking around At the massive mushrooms, trees, and bushes. “You brought Alice?” A familiar voice asked from behind one of the massive bushes. “No that’s not her she is a lot smaller that she was back then.” Another familiar voice said. “Yes it is she took a bite of the cookie in the big room.” The first voice said. “Oh yah.” The second voice said. “Tweedles come out of there and show our new guest yourselves.” Bayard said.


Two large, fat, figures hobbled out from behind the bush. “Hello how do you do?” They both asked holding their hands down to Alice. Alice grabbed their hands and shook them. “Ah this girl had manners. My name is Tweedle Dee.” The fat girl said as Alice shook her massive hand. “Good good. It is good to know manner still exist in this land gone mad. My name is Tweedle Dum.” Said the Giant boy. “And my name is Alice and I’m not really this short.” Alice said. “Oh that’s right. Here I have something just perfect for a healthy growing young girl like you.” Tweedle Dee Said digging into her chest pocket. “Here it is.” Tweedle Dum said holding out a small blue bottle. Tweedle Dee looked at Tweedle Dum in confusion as Alice took the Bottle.


“Don’t worry it isn’t filled with poison. Why would we bring you all the way here to kill you?” Bayard said. “I thought that I had the Bottle.” Dee said. “No I had the bottle. Why would YOU have given her the bottle if I had it in the first place?” Dum asked a bit offended. “But I that I had the bottle in the first place.” Dee said angrily. “No I had it.” Dum snapped back. “Oh no.” Bayard said whimpering. “Alice quick take a drink from the bottle!” He continued. Dee began hammering Dum with her fist sending a shockwave of sound. Dum fell backwards and rolled over his head, over his stomach and ended up on his feet. Dee made a hobbling charge a Dum but Dum smashed his fist into her stomach. they both fell backward creating a tiny earthquake around Alice. “Alice hurry take a drink.” Bayard said.

The End

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