The Cookie and the BloodhoundMature

Alice awoke in a small room. Alice looked around to see a tea table with a cookie and a bottle of some kind of liquid. Alice continued to inspect the room to find a small door. Alice found a key on the table and placed it in the door key hole. “It is two small for me to crawl through.” Alice thought. Alice looked for a bigger door for a while before her stomach began to growl. Alice ate the cookie. Suddenly Alice’s entire body felt hot. Her head suddenly hurt. Alices started remembering things she did not understand. She saw a King, and a Queen and somebody in a large hat that was bowing. Alice felt angry for some reason. Then Alice passed out.

Alice awoke to the sound of Loud Barking. The bloodhound that father and mother bought not that long ago must have found her. In fact I had found her. It was standing right in front of her licking her with its massive tongue. “Hahaha no boy Sit!” She laughed. The bloodhound sat down. “Good boy. Roll over.” Alice commanded. The bloodhound rolled over. “Now Speak.” Alice said. “Hello Alice I have been looking for you for a long time. Imagine my surprise when I was captured by that human and you saved me from that wicked cage.” The blood hound said. Alice fell down on her backside. “You talked.” She said in disbelief. Well you did tell me to talk. “Soooo cool.” Alice said hugging the bloodhounds nose. “Hahahaha. I guess you still are a child after all.” The bloodhound laughed. “My name is Bayard Hamar And I have come to bring you to wonderland.”

The End

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