Alice the ChildMature

“Alice, Alice, it is time for dinner.” Aunty started calling. “Coming mother!” I shouted. We lived on a large estate me, my cousin, my aunt, my uncle and a dog. There were plenty of places to play and I was playing hide and go seek with my cousin William. I ran out of the rose garden and met up with William on the way to the house. “Race you to the house?” William asked. I did not wait for a chance to give him an answer I ran ahead. “Catch me if you can.” I yelled behind me. William was a fast runner so I had to take every chance I got. We arrived at the dinner table rather quickly. “Ah and how are my two little precious jewels? Uncle asked. My father ha died long before I could remember and my mother died giving birth to me. So my uncle took me in and raised me. “we are tire father.” I said. “Really then you can go to bed without any desert?” He asked jokingly. “No we still have enough energy to eat desert.” I said. “And how is young William?” He asked. “I am great father. We were playing hide and seek.” William said smiling. “Good, good.” He said in reply. “Honey dearest?” My aunt asked. Aunty was a stern woman but you now she loved you because the way she acted when nobody was around but me and William and her.


“I found a rather large dog in the back yard today. Did we buy another dog?” She asked. “No dearest pudding. What color?” Father asked wiping some souse off of his mouth. “It was white.” She said. “No dearest we did not buy a white dog” He said finally taking his eyes off of us as we ate. “Well then we should probably get somebody on it. otherwise it could bite somebody.” She said. After dinner we ate dessert and trailed off to bed.



“Hey Alice.” William voice woke me up. “What?” I asked still half asleep. “lets go find that dog.” He said exited. I got out of bed and crawled out of my window. I slowly woke up and became more active. I loved going out in the night when the full moon was out. Everything was visible. “Shhhh.” Or else we will be caught.” William said. Just then there was some rustling behind a bush. I jumped back in panic. “What if the dog really was dangerous? What if it would bite me? It could hurt William.” I put on a brave face and picked up a nearby broom. “Hey doggy?” Alice said out loud.


“Alice?” a voice said softly in a whisper. “What?” Alice wondered. “Are you Alice?” The same voice said again loudly. “That is my name William you know that already.” Alice said to William. William crossed his arms. “So you are Alice.” The voice said strongly this time from out of the bushes. “Yes I am Alice True.” Alice said. Suddenly a giant white rabbit hopped out of the bushes at high speeds. Alice was so startled that she dropped the broom and fell on her backside. The rabbit grabbed Alice by one of its massive front hands and hopped towards a large tree. “Bark Bark!” The bloodhound barked. As it started chasing them. The rabbit made it to the tree first and jumped into a bush. There was a hole under the bush and they began falling, falling, falling. Alice was so scared that she blacked out.

The End

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