Alice fadesMature

“Now. I know that you are the good of Trueland. So I know that it is impossible for me to kill you. You will just come back as a child somewhere. But I can erase all of your memories. And send you somewhere else. So that is what I shall do.” The king of hearts said. Alice looked up. What was he talking about? How did he know about my reincarnation?


“How does he know about my reincarnation? That is what you are thinking right now isn’t it.” The king of hearts said. “Each world has a god. Some kind of entity that confirms its existence. You are the entity of Trueland. That means that you can not die. Even if I kill you. But there is a way I can wipe your power. See the seed that the queen of hearts planted was a very special seed. It contained my world. Just like you I am an entity also. Just a more powerful one. And once my wonderland envelops all of Trueland I will become more than a god.” The king said with a twisted laugh.


Power began to gain. More and more energy circled around the king. “Now Alice you are going to sleep for a long time.” He said. Alice concentrated. Her powers were failing. Was it because her world was dying, being overcome by wonderland? Or was he just too powerful. It did not matter she was powerless to stop the king of hearts. Alice closed her eyes and prepared for the inevitable. Suddenly all light around her faded. She stopped being Alice and became something else. She felt her body fading and her memories slipping away. “Goodbye my child. Good by Trueland.

The End

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