Useless Attempts to stop the Inevitable.Mature

The king held his hands out vertically. One above his torso and one below his chest. “Ancient powers long untouched hear my voice for I am your master. Desolate the power of wishes and hopes.” The king yelled. Alice held her hands together and began concentrating. The energy within her began to resonate and she concentrated it all in one spot between her hands.


 The king gripped his hands and all the people watching gasped. There were creases in the air where he was gripping. As if Trueland itself was a fabric and he was Grabbing the very reality of Trueland itself. He began to twist his hands into a circle. Alice could feel great and terrifying power emanating from the king. Something was wrong. Alice could feel her power gaining but how was the king able to summon forth powers so great in such little time? “omnes vitrum.” The King said. His hands finished the semicircle and seemed to lock into place. He clenched his fists all the way. A black shockwave resonated out of the center of the Kings hands. Alice threw up the energy within her hands and created a divine shield to protect her and the rest of the people behind her.


The moment the shockwave touched the barrier Alice knew she would not be able to stop something like that like this. So she shrunk the shield. It now only protected those within a ten foot radios. So that meant that only the Tweedles, the dodo, the mad hatter, the queen, and the rabbit were protected. Everyone else felt the full force of the blast. Once the attack had passed by Alice took down the shield to see who had maybe gotten lucky. She looked around and saw everyone perfectly fine. “Ha. Your magic has no power here king of hearts.” Alice yelled. “Elidit!” The King yelled. Suddenly every one who was not protected by Alices shield broke like glass smashed against a rock.


“What was that? I thought you said something rather stupid for a deity.” The King Laughed. Alice fell to her knees. “There just gone.” She said in disbelief. The Rabbit jumped up and attempted to strike the King with his war hammer. The King simply smashed the hammer to pieces with his bare hand. “Bestia.” the king chanted. Dark clouds enshrouded the rabbit and a white form fell out onto the ground next to Alice. The once human rabbit was now a two foot tall fluffy white animal rabbit.


 The Tweedles aimed there crossbows and shot in unison. The king caught the arrows between his fingers. “Horreat.” The king whispered. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum were sucked into the ground by large hands made out of shadows. The two screamed and screamed and one could hear there shrieks become higher and higher pitched. Suddenly two three foot fat midgets were shot out of the ground.


The mad hatter threw his dagger at The dark king. The king dodged. The mad hatter smiled and pulled the thin wire that was connected to the handle of the dagger. The small blade twisted and swung around the king many times until he was fully tied up with the thread. “Putrescere.” The King commanded. The thread turned into withered string and the King easily tore himself free. “Arcum.” He said. The mad hatters body reacted to the word and Soon the hatters body was kneeling before the king. Unable to move.


“For the glory of the queen. The dodo said raising his lance as the wyvern charged at the king. “Ad terram vobiscum. Avem.” The king said holding his hand out. The dodo fell and he fell hard. The dodo crashed into the ground along with her Jabberwocky beside her. The dodo looked at himself as he began to change. Feathers bloomed, a beak formed out of the armor that he was wearing. His arms became curved and tuned into wings. The dodo who was a bird warrior truly became a five foot six dodo bird.


Alice looked around on the devastation that had been wreaked upon her and her friends. “What are we going to do? Are we all doomed. Is the world I made doomed?”

The End

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