The Real KingMature

The world was silent. “What had happened? Why is the Queen of hearts dead? Why did he Kill her? What is the King doing?” these questions were on everyone’s mind. “Now all of Trueland belongs to me.” The king said calmly. The entire crowd roared. The queens two loyal lackeys fell onto there knees tears welling in there eyes. And the rest of the crowd roared in happiness. The Queen was dead. The red Queen who had destroyed Trueland was dead. The king swung his hand into the air and the Queens blood flew off of his hand as if it was a very well kept blade.


 “Now who dares attack my castle?” He asked loud enough for everyone to hear. “Trueland now belongs to me. Do you hear that white Queen? I am the king and now I ask a few things.” He said. You have no right to ask for anything. You really have no idea what kind a position you are……” The white queen began. “And as the king my first demands are the immediate and unconditional surrender of Trueland in its entirety to me.” The king said firmly. “I will never!” The Queen said in her sudden spur of bravery. “Second I wish you to turn your army over to me.” The king continued unfazed. “We will never belong to any one person. Or two, or three.” The mad hatter said. “And lastly you will all obey my absolute rule without question or back talk.” The king finished. “We just killed the Queen. Do you think we will submit to a rule that is even worse?” Alice yelled. “Correction. I killed the Queen. And if you do not wish to die you will do as I say.” The king said.


“You think that a cowardly king can kill me? The creator of Trueland? I am Alice. I can not die. I will be reborn will all of my memories.” Alice said grinning. “Cowardly? How dare you call me that. It was the bravest thing that anybody could do. I, a being of limitless power, allowed a demon Queen to rule over him like a dog. It takes more self control than you, Practically a god, can possibly posses. And if you think you can defeat ME then I welcome your attempts. They will go to show how outclassed you are. Even in your own world.” The king laughed.


 Suddenly the clouds turned pitch black. Red lightning struck the world. The ground began burning and ashes began rising from the ground. The air became thick and difficult to breath The flower garden withered an died in a mater of seconds. Water became blood and flowed out of the soil. Daemons began to spawn out of the shadows. “Now Alice let me show how puny you are compared to me.” The King smiled a cruel, wicked, twisted smile. 

The End

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