The Queen Of hearts DiesMature

“How could this happen?” The Queen of hearts wondered in her hysteria. Alice was at her castle door. Banging on the gate. “Where did my troops go. Did they abandon me? Did they want death more than me?” The queen sobbed hysterically. Soon they would break through my castle gate. “They will flood into my garden, up the castle, and they will take my kingdom away from me. How dare they?” The queen Thought standing up and walking to her perch high above her garden where the castle gate was obviously going to collapse.


The queen and the king were the only ones in the castle now. She was going to die. With her stupid man. A mongrel beneath the dirt. And he was going to be the only one that would accompany her to the next life. “Never.” She thought. In flew the dodo bird on his wyvern. Wounded. “Queen I shall protect you until I die.” He said taking a battle position in front of the gate. The rabbit who had jumped over the wall landed inside of a large crater. “Sorry I’m late your highness I had some difficult business.” The white rabbit said. “The queen began gathering her magical powers. Charging herself with the stuff of insanity.


“Crash” The gates blew open and in swarmed the chess soldiers. They were immediately shredded by the rabbit and dodo bird. Alice walked in and Began combat with the dodo bird. The mad hatter jumped in and began fighting The white rabbit. A bright light shined and every one stopped fighting. The dodo bird looked upon the sight of the a hand protruding out of the stomach of the Queen of hearts. Magical sparks flew out of the wound. The queen fell onto the ground and standing in her stead was the Red King of hearts. 

The End

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