The battle is endedMature

High above the battlefield atop the castle stood the queen of hearts. Her scepter was clenched in her iron grip. “Why are they not dead? Why do they still have there heads? OFF WITH THERE HEADS!” She screamed. The queen held up her scepter high and it glowed with energy. She pointed the scepter at the battlefield down below. He rage fueled magic shot forth from her scepter and left a deep scar on the ground below. “Another!” She screamed as more and more blasts shot out of her scepter. Then she noticed Alice. In the middle of her army. Shredding her troops to nothingness. “Off with your head.” The Queen said as she pointed her deadly magic at her.

“Alice watch out!” The white Queen shouted. Alice looked up to see a large blast of red energy fly at her. Alice held up the vorpal blade. The red energy made contact with the weapon and split into hundreds of tiny harmless fragments. Alice held out her hand and blasted an equally powerful shot strait back at the queen. This attack the queen countered with another and the two blasts countered each other out. The queen began screaming and wailing and magic began to rain down onto random places on the battle field. Friend, foe, it did not matter she would destroy every one.

Alice held high the vorpal blade and slammed it down into the ground. A shockwave spread out and annihilated all of the cards men in her area. The chess pieces were decimating the remaining cards men. The Queen had stopped her magical death rain and was just screaming orders.

“Queen. Prepare to die.” Alice shouted at the castle. 

The End

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