The battle before it all startedMature

This is the storie of Alice as It could have, would have, should have, happened. Needless to say, It did and it will if is hasn't already been or shall have.

“OFF WITH THERE HEADS!!!” the Queen of Hearts screamed. Tens of thousands of card solders marched off into battle. Before there castle stood an army of chessmen, and in front of there ranks stood five figures.


The white queen in all of her brilliance crying and hiding behind the mad hatter who was holding a crooked dagger and a saber. Beside him stood Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. They held crossbows, which was perfect for them because their large beer guts would not allow them to fight with a sword. And in front of all of them stood the hero Alice. Alice wore her blue battle dress with pride. Impaled into the ground was her vorpal blade. Alice held her hand forth. “Destroy her paper soldiers and her reign of tyranny shall end with her army!” and the chessmen charged at the cards. And the great battle began.


A man with rabbit ears jumped high above the battle field and landed before the mad hatter. “How dare you stay against the queen.” He shouted as he brought forth his war hammer. “I dare because I double dog dared. So to say that I dare twice.” The mad hatter said lounging at the rabbit.


“Jabberwocky battalion we dive!” The dodo bird yelled from atop her wyvern to the other wyvern riders. They dived to the battlefield with their lances ready to strike. The Tweedles would have none of that. Dee gave off the first arrow and many more followed. An entire battalion of bishops holding bows gave the descending wyverns a hellfire of arrows. “It isn’t proper manners to say hello to somebody by killing them.” Dee said. “First you must say how do you do? Then it is proper to state your name and business.” Dum said. “How do you do?” They said in unison. “Our business is to kill you.” They yelled soon after.



To say the least even though the heroes were busy Alice was holding up her end of the fighting. She was shearing down the card soldiers. “The Queen has gone two far this time.” Alice thought. “I have ignored your lesser crimes like, theft, slaughter, torture, and insanity. But you crossed the line when  you deliberately leveled all of Trueland with your “Experiment!” Alice finished.


The Queen of Hearts was the greatest military ruler and a scientist to boot. Then one day she created a demon item. It was called the Wondonium seed. It had the capability to destroy everything even the world if used the wrong way. And the Queen used its power the wrong way. She used it and decimated all of Trueland. Trueland used to be a thriving place of prosperity built by Alice. She was practically the god there. She created the two queens and kings. She gave domain over Trueland to them to do as they pleased. However when the Evil Queen of hearts used the seed it covered the once beautiful land turning it into an unnatural, unforgiving, evil, jungle. Mushrooms larger than a house, trees that ate people, And other evil things resided within it. It mutated everything. Rocking horseflies, bread and butterflies, dragons, and all sorts of unnatural creatures were spawned from its gapping maw. But the worst part of it was the affect it had on the people. Those that did not flee from the forest were transformed. Both mentally and physically. A once loving and caring cook cooked and ate her own baby saying that it was a pig. A respectable gentleman transformed into a giant worm. And Poor Cheshire. Cheshire was a good man and a powerful wizard. But when he tried to stop the spread of that toxic jungle he was split into three different people. One was a man that could not move and spoke nothing but nonsense, one was a girl who was horribly mutated and more closely resembled a massive hunk of flesh than a girl, and one was a cat. A freakish cat.


Alice thought of all these things and her fury grew larger. She cleaved into the cards men and decimated there ranks. There was no one that could stop her. No one at all.

The End

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