Prologue: Escape

I'd prefer if whoever reads this goes into it blind and tells me what they think. Sorry for no synopsis. Might be a bit graphic and dark. The rest o the story will stay mostly less graphic and dark but will return as needed. Please enjoy and critique. ~Y2KO

            The little girl ran as fast as she could.  She ran with no clear direction.  Trees formed in her path as she avoided them, but not the branches.  She made sure to jump all the rocks and pitfalls, as if she didn’t, her legs would be no more.

          Her skinny legs were full of bruises, her bare feet looking the worst.  Blood dripped from her sides and legs, adding only discomfort to her tattered clothes.  The choice of clothing she wore was her own but the quality wasn’t.  Stomach pains ached her as she clutched her stomach.  The arms were protected with a large section of chain mail covering them.  Faces of trauma and death suffocated her as she sought to remain sane Alice.  Alice’s black hair was kept in a well cut style, showing just how beautiful this girl would become. 

          Alice’s only defense was a machete she had found in the tool shed.  Some branches fell to her weapon but others avenged the fallen and smacked the killer’s face. Alice didn’t care.  She continued slashing.

          As sweat formed on the skin, Alice felt her strength leaving her.  The eyes of a hawk replaced her vision.  She searched for a place to rest but had to slow down to see the blurred trees.  Now she saw the true darkness of the forest.  

          Oak, Willow and Spanish moss trees surrounded Alice, only adding to her fear.  The trees chose only to hurt her, revealing the horrors of the forest. Spiders appeared, protecting their homes.  Alice couldn’t hide, she could only run.

          Running stopped as Alice tripped and fell into the river.  The cold water refreshed her wounds and froze her limbs.  Exhaustion overtook her and she stopped moving.  She started crying, muscles tensed up, heartbeat slowed, and body sank.  Her last breath was exchanged for landing at the bottom.  She blacked out and choked.

          Her time on this plane was not over.  Her eyes awoke to lying on the ground.  She sat up and looked at the sky.  The moon was still out.  She examined her body and saw her wounds healing.  She cursed herself and started to stand up. That’s when her back tensed.  hE was here.

          Alice ran away from her spot of rebirth.  Her bare feet felt the pain anew as the twigs, mud and rocks pierced the skin.  The bare face was met with scratches from the branches.  But it was fruitless.

          hE ran into Alice.  Alice fell and quickly evaded hE’s reach. She ran, only following the direction opposite of hE.  The sound of water changed Alice and she ran towards it.

          Alice reached the river only to dive into it.

          She swam.

          She reached.

          She touched.

          She held.

          hE found Alice and began to fish her out of the water.  Alice was ready but unable.  hE held her by the throat and pushed the air from her lungs. The salvation for Alice was in her hand, all she had to do was use it.

          Alice fell clutching her throat.  hE fell with a machete in his neck. 

          Alice slowly stood up.  Taking a breath so painful, she started walking.  With each step she moved a little faster, with only a tree branch slowing her pace.

          The moon was full tonight.  A large growling sound boomed through the forest.  Alice fell.

          She craved food.  She craved water.  She didn’t crave the moon’s cheese looking down on her. Alice’s felt the pain in her stomach.  She had never felt this kind of starvation.  Her exhaustion didn’t help.  She forced herself to keep moving…

          Alice’s leg was the first to be broken.  She tried looking back but only felt the blunt crushing force of hE’s foot.  With a desperate kick to the crotch, Alice lost her other leg.

          Clawing at the ground.  Crying out in pain.  Machete piercing skin.  Loss of clothes.  Perverted action.  Innocence lost.

          hE slept on Alice, hugging her as if she were a pillow.  She died of suffocation. 

The End

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