Alice: Part 3

I've got her, how much ?, I don't want money. Muttered words.

I wake up. We're in a strange type of car. It's got an open compartment at the back and three seats in the front. Two are occupied by men, one by a girl, me. I hear them talk. 'I got the mongrel'. I wonder what a mongrel is. I try to sit up, to break free from the ropes. Red dirt splashes on the car, red as blood.

There's someone behind us. I think they're trying to overtake us. It's a Jeep. A dark, stormy green Jeep that is quite out of place out here in the 'outback' with the 'utes'. These are words I learn from the men.

There's a bump as we tumble off the road, a cloud of deep burgundy dust not far behind. 'Bloody hell' mutters Man#1. 'Nearly rolled the bastard' follows Man #2. Someone exits the Jeep, a man. The relief rushes over me. It's my father. I see him run, feet pounding the ground, raising red dirt. The men don't notice him until he smashes the window in, knocking them 'out like lights'. Another word I learn from the men. My father grabs me. We're moving.

I wake up in a hospital bed. For the first time in days, I see something I recognise, printed on my armband. New York Public Hospital. I breathe in the smell of disinfectant. Home

The End

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