Before Alice knew what was happening, she was whisked into a hospital gown and down onto a wax paper covered examining table. Her school bag was taken away from her, and the content examined and then discarded regardless of how much she protested. Over the course of the next three hours she saw a multitude of masked doctors, who poked and prodded and asked questions that made no sense. All the doctors that she found herself seeing were friendly, in truth, but there was a certain falsehood to their expressions and movement that made butterflies quiver in Alice's already painful stomach. What was this all for? She had thought at first that it was because of her stomach pains, but only one of the many doctors and questioned her on the issue.

After what seemed like days, Doctor Crow silently reappeared carrying a manilla file folder stuffed with paperwork, a single sheet clipped to the front. He smoothed his lab coat and sat down in the swivel chair opposite the examining table, not meeting her eyes. After a moment, he looked up at her and with a solum expression, spoke. 

'Alice, you're going to have to stay with us for a while' he said without feeling.

'ww..what?' stammered Alice, in shock. 

The Doctor said nothing, only nodded and looked at her unblinkingly, apparently unaware of the affect that he'd just had on Alice, who stared back in a complete state of numbness. Only a few hours ago she had been sitting in her biology class, completely unknowing that while she counted down the minutes waiting impatiently to be freed from the grasps of the school board

The End

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