Alice- chapter 2

When she opened her eyes again the doctor had gone, but there was a box on the table beside her. The receptionist nodded for her to open and she did so, easily as the box had no fasteners to undo. Inside was a small leather bound notebook, an old fashioned black fountain pen, a pot of ink, a pencil, a small wooden box, and some sort of pale green cloth nestled in the bottom. Alice picked up the notebook and carefully turned in her hands, the book was old and noticeably worn, the sort of book that carries an air of mystery or even magic.

 Upon opening it, Alice’s eyes found the pages already filled with a flamboyant yet elegant script, forming words in a language that was not her own, yet perfectly understandable to her. The words on the page formed clear pictures in her head as her eyes skimmed over them, some calling out for her attention, some fading into the background. The strangest thing about the book, however, was that the pictures it formed in her mind were clear projections, as if she was watching a film reel as opposed to reading a book. She saw pictures of a fantasy world played out before her, of fairies and magic and animals, enticing her for what seemed like hours.

Then all of a sudden something in the pictures startled her, she recognised a face. Not the face of an adult, but of a baby, strapped to one of the fairies be a sash. The women was holding her child to her in a protective way, though what she was protecting from was a mystery to Alice. Then everything went black as the book was shut. She blinked a few times until the face of Doctor Crow came into focus.

‘Now then’ he said to her cheerily ‘lets get you signed in’.

‘Signed in?’ replied Alice confusedly

‘Signed in’ said Crow, handing her a thin stack of papers and a slightly chewed blue pen.

Not knowing what else to do and trusting that her parents wanted her to do this, she signed.

The End

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