"Domonick! Let go of my hand already, people are staring!" I had been dragged around since this morning, he only let my hand go for a second and then found another place to drag me to.

"Then let them stare" he laughed breezily, pulling me behind him

"Where are we going now? It's time for break"

He turned to me and smiled "It's a secret" he winked and continued to pull me towards the feild. I shifted the weight of my backpack and continued to be dragged as we got closer to the trees on the far end of the feild. My heart had a fit, the far end of the feild, under the shadows of the trees where couples get together away from the sight of teachers.

"What about your friends? Don't you want to spend break with them?"

"They can entertain themselves, besides, their doing me a favor and making sure Lexas will leave us alone" we were  only a few meters away from the trees now and I couldn't see a thing in the shadows, it was an all too good hiding place.

My palms began to sweat as we slowed down next to the tree "What are we doing here?"

"Relax Ali, this will only take a second, close your eyes"

"I......I'd rather not......."

He smiled kindly at me "Come on Ali, please, trust me"

I studies his expression for a minute, finding nothing suspicious or worrying "Okay...." I slowly closed my eyes, making sure I was ready for anything.

"Hold out your hand"

I did as he said and waited, my hands shaking slightly, my heart racing in my chest, something small and cold landed in my hands "Open your eyes"

I opened my eyes and gasped, it was a ring with a purple stone, silver, vines intricately weaving around the medium dark purple stone. "Domonick what....?"

"It's for you" he smiled and took the ring from my hand only to place it on my left hand, the finger next to the pinky.

"I can't accept this, it's too much we've only known eachother a day...."

"This is the first time we've talked but I've liked you for a long time, ever since that day you stood up for a little kid who was being bullied, even though you never stand up for yourself, your smart, your loyal, your beautiful and your unique, please accept it, I really like you"

"Domonick...." my cheeks flushed red "You belong to me"  Tears welled up in my eyes "I can't.....I'm not like everyone else...."

"So? Neither am I but no one ever scratches the surface to find that out, I don't care about anything or anyone but you, please at least think about it" he kissed my cheek softly and I panicked, I can't get domonick in trouble! I wont let him be in danbger because of me!!!! I ran from him, my eyes overflowing with tears "Come to the fountain garden tonight at eight! I'll be waiting!" No! I can't go! I can't ever go back until I end it all! I have to do it tonight!

The End

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