"Uh-oh, we're late"  Domonick whispered, I groaned, like I need any more attension today? "Stick with me Ali, I know how to sneak in"

He grabbed my hand and took a deep breath "What are you doing?"

"Just concentrate on the ground and follow me" I raised an eyebrow but did as he said and we entered the room. The teacher didn't stop us and I figured that the whole class must be stunned into silence. Domonick lead the way over to my usual table and sat beside me.

"You can lift your eyes now"

I lifted my head and realised that no one had noticed us, not even the teacher, she didn't even bat an eyelid "How did you do that?" I whispered

"Miss Elson has a bit of a weird ear and where this a pretty hard class to pass, I figured if we acted quiet, no one would notice us, guesse I was right" he beamed.

I shook my head and began to write notes, I had already read this part of the maths book but I needed to concentrate on anything but the guy sitting next to me.

"Ali, you've done the questions three times over already, your allowed to discuss things with the person next to you when your done"

I blushed "I know I just want to make sure I know this"

Domonick laughed lightly "Says the girl who is a whole....3 chapters ahead, you've got it, I'm sure" he brushed the hair from my eyes "I'm finished too and it gets slightly boring watching you work so hard"

I sighed "What do you want to talk about?"

"Do you have a boy friend?"

That's a little to the point "No"

Domonick nodded "How about a guy who thinks he's your boyfriend?"

"Yeah and it's really pissing me off"

"Is it as bad as Lexas?"

I moaned "Worse"

"Is that even possible?"


Domonick considered that for a moment and smiled at me "Favorite colour?"


"Favorite flower"


Domonick nodded "I like green personaly, it's a very....enchanting colour"he looked into my eyes so deeply and I stared right back, trying to resist the urge to get lost in the deep, ocean blue "And I too like roses"

"And that would be the end of class for today, thse who have not finished their work, finish it as homework." The class began to break away and just as I pulled on my bag....."Alianora? I was wondering if I could ask something of you"

"What is it Miss Elson?"

"Could you tutor Domonick? Only he gets a little behind and I'd like him to catch up..."

I repressed a sigh and forced a smile "Of course Miss Elson, it's no trouble at all" It's not no trouble it's a lot of trouble!

"Thank you" Miss Elson sighed in relief "Have a good day"

"We will" Domonick smiled "Come on tutor, we have to get to class"

The End

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