"What is she doing here?"

Thats it, no, hi, no how are ya? She pisses me off but she also terrifies me.

Domonick gripped my hand tighter "Ali and I bumped into eachother on the way to school so we walked together and then I thought that since some people are blind, I could take advantage and have her all to myself"

I stared at him with wide eyes and mouthed "Huh?"

Domonick winked at me.

"Listen missy, Domonick is waaaay out of your league, don't think you can steal him away from me. A freak of nature like you, your lucky Dom even glanced your way"

Freak of nature? Hell no! I snapped "Your right Lexas, I am lucky to have met Domonick because he's not a shallow idiot" I scowled at her and smiled "Oh and as for you calling me 'a freak of nature', you should look in the mirror sometime and maybe, once your eyes have recovered from the sight of that bright orange fake tan of yours and oh so fake blonde hair, you'll realise who the real 'freak of nature' is"

I let the fumes die out but continued to scowl "This. isn't. over" and with that Lexas flipped her hair and stalked off.

Layton whistled "Wow"

"Little girl, big temper"

"I've never seen anyone stand up to Lexas like that, or call her up on her fake tan!"

"How do you know she isn't a natural blonde?"

I shrugged "Her roots look weird and there is no way on earth a natural blonde would feel the need to wear rat tail extensions" Okay, so I was still pissed.

Domonick burst out laughing

"Whats so funny?"

"Your so cute when your pissed off Ali, it's hilarious"

I blushed no way did he just call me cute, no way.

Domonick wiped the moisture from his eyes and started dragging me towards tutor "Come on Ali, can't be late"

The warmth of his hand rushed through me, making my heart work harder Whats happening?

More eyes turned our way, the 'populars', the 'semi-populars', the 'nerds', the 'geeks' and finaly my group the 'freaks' or 'outcasts'. Kayla and Linzie gaped at us and smiled, making celebration gestures.

Domonick's grip on my hand tightened and my heart thumped harder oh crap, I can't get sick, I just can't.

The End

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