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Domonick kept the conversation up the entire way to school, trying to get me to talk as much as possible.

"Why do you want to know so much?"

"Well your always alone, in class, a break, at lunch, you put up barriers. I guesse I'd like to break them down, your a very interesting person." he shrugged and smiled "You also have an uncanny ability to stop people talking about you, come one, where do you live?"

I smiled "Exley avenue, number 216"

"I go past there all the time, but isn't your house supposed to be haunted?"


"And is it?"

I scowled at the floor "Oh yeah"

"Really? Do you think I could-"

My eyes widened "N-No! I mean my carer is very old fasioned, you know a boy coming over to the house would set her off...."

Domonick sighed "Shame, I was looking foward to meeting the master ghost"

"Master ghost?"

"Yeah, rumour has it that the ghost that lives in your house is a man who can manipulate whoever he likes and every so often he becomes a girl's master and takes her away to join the living dead"

I gulped. Thats very accurate. "I'm sure it's just a story"

"Really? I heard he preys on pretty girls, ghost musta gone blind, or are you covering for him?" he laughed

I laughed shakily good thing he doesn't know the truth, Aarron would love it if I brought him back for dinner.

"Ali, how about we do this again? Hang out on the way to school and on the way back? I could leave you where we met this morning so your aunt doesn't find out." he smiled.

"I'd...like that" I smiled back, who knew that he was so nice?

We approached the school gates and I sighed "Guesse we should part, incase your friends see"

"Nah, we have first lesson together and it's not like we're not friends." he smiled "Just act like it's nothing new and move on, easy peasy"

I raised an eyebrow at him and he laughed, grabbing my hand and pulling me through the masses. I felt every pair of eyes on us as we walked (well I was dragged but whatever)  through the school. "Come on Ali, we'll be late"

"Is that Alianora with Domonick?"

"No way! It is her!"

"Do you think their going out?"

"Don't even say that! I'll die if they are!"

I turned scarlet and caught up to Domonick "Let go of my hand"

"Nope" he smiled "If I do you'll disappear like you always do, I may be a 'jock' but I'm not dumb"

I heaved a heavy sigh as he dragged me past his group of friends "Dom! Hey! Wait up!" I heard their footsteps fall into Domonick's pattern "Since when did you two hang out?"

"Since today, Ali and I bumped into eachother on the way to school" I could hear the smile in his voice

"I wonder what L would have to say about that"

"Does it matter?"

"She's the leader of your fan club dude, doesn't matter to her if it doesn't matter to you"

"Well she'll just have to get over it"

"I dunno dude, L gets pretty intense"

L....L......my eyes widened.....Lexas. Lexas is the meanest most determind and beautiful girl at our school and she commits her life to fawning over Domonick and making sure no-one else except his guys have the chance to get close to him.

"Um, maybe he's right. Lexas will be pissed and no-one wants that"

"Did you just...."

"I think she did...."

"She cussed"

"Well I'll be damned, Ali can cuss. The name's John, this heres:"



"Alianora" I mumbled and blushed "and like I said I should go before Lexas sees"

"Come on Ali, relax, Lexas isn't even-"

"Oh Dom!"

"Shit" I groaned

"You cussed again" Layton pointed out

I ignored them and tried futiley to escape "Your not leaving me to face the monster alone" Domonick sounded panicked

"Your a big boy" I whispered, trying to get my hand free "You can take care of yourself" I pulled my hand from his and made a break for it, Ethan caught me

"Come on Ali, she scares the hell out of all of us but she's already seen you"

I turned, wide eyed as Domonick grabbed my hand again.


The End

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