The truthMature

"The truth is that your parents did not trade you for imortality, in fact they begged me to give you imortality to save you, their baby daughter who was in so much danger. There is a rule I have to obey though, you have to be sixteen, when a baby is taken into care by an imortal their aging process slows down, thats probably why you dont remember your childhood. Luckily we've managed to stay in the one home and I've been able to protect you from all threats. Until now."

"What threats?"

"Creatures who want to eat your flesh, for if they do, they will become invinsible, some want to marry you because then they will have eternal youth"

"So...Domonick is he....."

"He is one of the creatures' lackies, he aims to  bring you to his master"

"Oh" I feel the horror and shame wash over me, the fact I thought he really did like me and that I might like him too.... "How do I know your not lying to me?" I whisper

"Because, despite everything I haven't done a single thing to harm you, I could never do such a blasphemous thing" I see him attempt to hold back his anger "That creature did something physically impossible for me, he hurt you if I wasn't weakened I would kill that little-"

"Dont" I sob "Just....dont" the tears make their way down my cheeks, my whole form is shaking.

"Why are you crying? Ali?"

"Everything I ever thought was a lie, I thought he liked me and I thought you were a monster but...." I sob again, the words not coming anymore.

His arms wrap around me, holding me to his chest as he cradles me gently "Shhhhhhh I'm here, your safe, thats all that matters, there there, shhhhhhhhhh"

I cry into his chest, clinging to him, until, eventually, sleep finds me.

The End

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