We walk home hand in hand and every now and then I feel his breath or finger trail down my neck, a jolt of electricity shooting through my spine. "Why don't you come to my house today?" he kisses my forhead, lips by my ear "then you wont have to deal with your aunt...."

My cheeks flush "I'd better do it now, I might not get this chance again"

"Okay" he smiles, his lips coming down, just about to meet mine as we get infront of the house, I hear a bang and stop.

I laugh "I'd best go see if my aunt is okay"

"Okay, go on, I'll see you later?"

I smile "Yeah" and run into the house, firmly locking the door as I enter the darkness "Aarron? Where are you?"

I feel my way to the living room and am tackled "That boy, who is he?" the raspy, panicked voice in my ear alarms me

"Aarron?" I shrink as his grip tightens on my shoulders

"Awnser me! Who is he? What is he to you?!"

"He's my boyfriend!" I whisper, my throat feeling dry and scratchy, feeling hard to breath

"After all the effort to keep you away from him and you become his girlfriend?!"  he coughs in my ear, sounding hoarse and weak

"Why?! Domonick's normal and nice and kind and sweet AND...." My head starts to spin "I can't breath!"

"Ali, this is his work, it's Dom, did he give you anything?"

I gesture to the necklace on my neck, barely able to keep concious

I feel his hand grip it with a sudden strength "You have to give me permission to take it off! If I don't you'll die" his voice sound worse!

"Rip it off!!!! Please!" I feel as though a layer of skin is being ripped from my body and I scream louder than I ever felt possible

"I got it" Aarron's voice turns back to normal and I finally feel like I can breath again as he stands me up, leaning against him weakly "Someone is trying to poison us, they don't like that I protect you, they want me out of the picture"


"Because when I'm alive your heart and soul is protected but if I were dead it would be ripe for the picking. I can't let that happen to you, I won't ever let it happen"

"Wait why? All this time...."

"Allow me to explain and tell you the truth"

The End

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