I feel light as a feather as I walk to the gate where I know Dominick waits every day, I set myself free and now he isn't in danger. I feel like I could sing but for now, maybe I should just start with accepting Domonick's feelings. As I make my way to the gate I spot a blue bike, petrol blue, I know it's Domonick's right away and run towards it before he can go. "Domonick! Domonick!" he turns his head and his eyes widen as I run up to him, smiling, my hair hanging loose and free.

"What is it Ali?" he seems as though he's panicked, worried, his eyes rest on my smile and he relaxes.

" you too" I smile, my heart crashing into my ribs.

"So, you'll go out with me?" he smiles, his eyes sparkling like the sea, clear and peaceful

"Yes" I beam and he takes my hand, smiling.

"Can I walk you home?"

"Yeah, my aunt seems to have gone out for a bit so she wont see us"

"Awesome, does that mean I get to see your house?" his eyes light up like a christmas tree and my heart melts, but I have to make sure first

"Another day" I promise him "I have to clean up the house, can't have you thinking I'm a slob" I laugh

He laughs too "Okay, another day, come on" he kisses my hand "Lets go"

Domonick's friends run up to us and smile "Whats going on here?"

"I'm walking Ali home" Domonick beams "Isn't that a normal thing for a boyfriend to do?"

"You guys are going out? Woah! That was fast dude! You only like met her today!"

"Nope, I met her the day I transfered here, she was the first one to show me any kindness, though she probably doesn't remember it, I had a crush on her since that moment" he smiles.

My cheeks burn I didn't know that! How could I forget....though he could have erased my memory. Ugh! Never mind, never mind, lets move on.

"Aw dude your so soft!" they laugh jokily "Anyway we came to warn you L's coming so if you wanna get away now......"

"Well Ali?" Domonick turns to me "Face her now or tomorrow, it's up to you"

What the heck "I guesse we should get it over with"

The boys smile at me and nod "4,3,2......."

Lexas storms round the corner and Domonick exchanges his hold on my hand for my waist and pulls me closer to him, causing me to drop my bag.

She looks at us, analysing us both as she skulks toward us, like a cheetah hunting it's prey. My knees shake, my limbs want to give way but I stand still, refusing to move, I've faced worse than her "Dom, what is that?"

"That? Oh you mean Ali, she is my girlfriend" he smiles and pulls me even closer

Lexas shakes her head and stops beside me "Watch yourself with him Ali" I know the words are so low that only I can hear but I wonder if I heard that myself, I swear she's the one keeping girls away from him, being completely obsessive.

Domonick laughs "God did you see her face? Looks like she's given up" he beams and kisses my forehead "Come Ali, lets go home"

The End

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