The last lesson of the day was drama, a lesson without domonick or any of his friends, a lesson I had alone, that was perfect, I couldn't face them at the minute.

I ran to the classroom and joined the group of pupils "Today I want you to write a script, a monolgue to be precice, to be performed at the end of the lesson, go!" Everyone broke away to their seperate gangs and solitary worlds, I hung back in the corner, unable to write of anything at all. My mind was too distracted by the ring on my finger, shining like his eyes....

"Alianora, are you stuck?"

"Yes miss I dont know what to write"

"Hmmmmmm, you could always write about how you feel about your life, anything thats going to happen, your thoughts, your feelings....."

A wave of insspiration washed over me "Got it! Thanks Miss!!!" she smiled at me and walked off to help the others. The lesson flew by as I hurrily wrote everything down, the words that would either destroy me or set me free.

"Times up! Who wants to go first?" the whole room was silent, no one wanted to share, but for once, I did. I raised  my hand "Alianora? You want to perform?"

"Yes miss" she gestured for me to proceed to the performance area and as I did I felt a tug at my mind, he knows what I'm going to do. I sat down on the floor, hugging my knees:
"Every night I wait for him to sleep, for the house to be quiet so I can attempt my escape, every night he discovers my desperation and laughs, refusing to sever our ties. Caged in my own house, when I leave it's the same and I know he is waiting, ready to take me, ready to hurt my heart and soul, ready to kill. He never gives up, he laughs at my defiance and knows I have no choice" I stand up and look at the class " Every time I turn around he is there, watching me and laughing in my face! Ruining everything I ever had! Well no more! I refuse to be tied to his carnivorous, demonic soul, I refuse to be tainted by his precense! Wings be unclipped and let me fly free! I am no longer yours! I no longer belong to the night!" My head pounds, a defiant scream echoes in my head and I smile "I will become the person I have always been inside, you can no longer supress my will! I am Alianora Johnson and I am free!" With one last word I fall to the floor, my head feeling as though it was ripped in half. I've done it, I've finally done it.

Clapping and whooping echoes around me, and I get up, smiling and take a bow and my heart finally feels free.

"Alianora! That was inspired! I love how you expressed your feeling of society supressing your being! I was moved!!!"

"Thank you miss" I sit down in my place and blush as people smile at me, this is the first time I have ever felt accepted. I need to find Domonick as soon as I can!

The End

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