Alianora, the not so average teenagerMature

Hard to explain but I'll try....
Alianora is an average fifteen year old girl with not so average problems. Aarron-a man her parents gave her to- refuses to let her leave his side without some form of protection, but what is a vampire trying to protect someone from, and why?

Gotta run, gotta get out, gotta run,gotta get out. Focus Ali, focus! Run and don't look back, you can do this, you can do this. My long chesnut ringlets were tied up in a high ponytail, my length of hair is a death trap.

 I grabbed my bag and took a deep breath, silently making my way down the stairs, keep quiet, stay calm, as soon as you've gained

The stairs awnsered my prayers, not a single creak escaping their long since worn floor boards. Almost there Ali, keep quiet, your almost there. I stepped down onto the last step, reaching for the door and ready to run

The door clicked setting of an alarm, I made a dash to open the door "Tut tut Ali, I never leave the door unguarded, you know that" He pinned me to the wall in seconds. Shit.

"Get the hell of me Aarron! I will get away and when I do, I'll make sure-"

"-'that I get whats coming to me'. Must we do this so frequently? it's almost not fun anymore"

"If you let me leave this wouldn't happen at all" I struggled against his iron grasp and winced as it tightened.

"Ali, you know I can't let you do that, you belong to me"

"Like hell I do! Just because your-you made a deal with my parents does not mean that-"

"Your right, it's not just because of the binding deal between myself and your parents, it's also because of what I am and what I can do if you don't obey me"

"I'm not a dog! And I'm not scared of you!" I knew I was lying, I just hope Aarron didn't.

Aarron chuckled and kissed my cheek "But you are, aren't you. Every time I pulled them out, you struggle to stop yourself from screaming. I'm the one thing that scares you the most"

"Stop it"

"More than the shadows or the things that hide under your bed"


"Because I am...."


"....a vampire"

I tried to yank myself free, kicking and screaming-probably giving myself bruises in the process. "LET ME GO!"

Aarron chuckled again "Shhh, you'll wake the neighbours"

"LET GO!!!"

Aarron pressed his lips to mine, forcing my silence. This happens on a daily basis, the plans, the alarm, the fight and eventually....the kiss. I hate it though. Vampires like Aarron can manipulate your emotions, make you feel the oposite of your true self, like now for instance, he's making me feel grateful and happy when I actually want to drag his sorry arse back to hell.

"Alianora, go back to bed, sleep, and in the morning if your good we can continue"

My joints stiffened and I found myself walking back up the stairs just as he told me to.  I suppose you wanna know why huh? My parents traded me for eternal life and then through their deal, a bond formed between Aarron and me. Aarron controls the bond, he can manipulate me mentaly and physically, call to me, force me to come back to him. I'm a prisoner inside my own mind, he watches my every movement....until I fall asleep.

"I will get out. I have to"

I closed my eyes and collapsed on the bed  please, let me escape from this prison, set me free! Please....please......

The End

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