Like being introduced to a whole new world? Like reading about unique mythical creatures? Like Greek mythology? Like the idea that gods are physical beings? Like fighting with those jousting stick thingies? Like zombies? O.o okay that sounds a bit strange, but this story has them! I like to think of it like harry potter mixed lord of the rings...but my style!!

A child sent out in a world so shallow

A father lost in a desert of sorrow

The goddess’ death cannot be undone

He cares for all like goddess like son

The devil unwillingly holds on to pain

A Half bloods last hope to find his name

Holding on to gods desire

You see the smoke but where’s the fire?

I want to tell you a tale.

It’s a little folk tale of the divinities and their great impact on the world of Tempo, crafting, molding, shaping it to their liking. It was of the forest lovers. They enjoyed each other’s company to no end. When they kissed, the crimson birds would sing. And when they made love, the flowers would bloom. They were so happy.

 But as every tale goes, no one is allowed to be truly happy. One day, the female became sick, falling into a deep sleep. The male tried everything to wake her up, but with no success. In his grieving, he forgot about the world and its lush forests. When he was with her, he was happy, and so was the green earth. But as his will to carry on wilted, so did the forests. Months passed, and the male had left the earth a cold, salted mound where there was no life.

But then one day, after what seemed like an eternity, the female awoke, and the male was overjoyed, returning life to the world. They were together again. They kissed, and the crimson birds sang. They made love, and the flowers bloomed. They were happy once again. But they both knew that this turn of events would happen again and again for eternity.

It’s a sad tale isn’t it? It talks about Life, and Death, and the pain in between.

Funny, I usually saw pain as an uncomfortable attribute of nature. The nerves under the skin sending messages of vibrations through long extended cords leading to the brain, warning it that you’re bleeding or breaking, or near the brink of death.

But now, through all these years of hardship, living in this fortress prison, locked away from Tempo. I have grown with my own beliefs of life and my existence within it.

I now see pain as a gateway.

A gate, where life and death itself pass through.

Sometimes, the pain we feel, whether it be daily or a sudden force from a blade, is a message sent from the divinities that live in the heavens, telling us that we exist, and we as mortals are still living in this world.

Sometimes death makes us human. It reminds us that we are still alive.

The closer to the cold grasp of death we reach, the more alive we become.

In this prison of brine festering walls, I have known one such thing, I want to feel pain.

Because the divinities know I don’t feel alive.

 “Well M’lord, what do you think?”

Kodal flinched.

Maybe he didn’t want to sound like he was insulting Hisma for his kindness, but the simple fact was that Kodal wasn’t the royal type. Even living in a grand palace, He wasn’t the one for expensive accessories such as this. The leather book satchel displayed on the small podium looked a rich brown, ripe with old age. Its swayed was imprinted with gold dust, arranged to form several unfamiliar symbols of an ancient origin. The golden metal was bent and twisted in the shape of a Buckle, keeping the satchel secure. Kodal admired it, but it did look rather luxurious, too much for his taste.

“M’Lord?” Hisma asked in a loyal manner.

“Hisma,” Kodal began, unsure of his words “I thank you for your kindness and generosity. But….”

“But what m’Lord? “ He asked, getting ready for his response.


Kodal sighed.

“It’s perfect.” Kodal said with a smile on his face, letting this small thing not become an issue.

Hisma looked unsure and out of tune, but he took the compliment.

“No problem, M’lord” He grinned.

Kodal stared at the book case for a while. He got a curious look on his face. He began to question himself. Why was he receiving an old and expensive looking book satchel? Did it have some significance? It wasn’t often that Kodal was given anything. After all, He, Hisma and the servants to the gods were locked away from the world, floating on an island in the bath of the ocean, virtually in the middle of nowhere.

“Don’t mind me asking Hisma, but why? Did it belong to anybody in particular?”

Hisma was quite for a moment, His face deep in thought.

“It belonged….It belonged to Flood, passed down by his father…”

Flood? Kodal hasn’t heard that name for many years. Hisma would only bring him up when he asked. Kodal has never met him, even though he was his father.

“Hisma, Flood? My father?”

“Yes Kodal, Yours.”

Kodal gasped. His eyes widened in shock. Something of his father’s in his possession? What a rarity.

“You…. You mean…”

“Yes M’lord. I’m sorry, I thought you would want to see your families heritage. After all, it’s not often, if not at all that you get to see these things.”

“I…never knew my …”

Kodal looked at the book satchel.

“It belonged to my father.” Kodal asked to verify.

“That’s correct, M’lord.”

Kodal looked at it for a brief moment, and then walked rather hastily out of the room without a word.

“M’lord? M’lord!” Hisma called out to him in concern.

Kodal stormed out of the stone arch door and into the garden. He left the small supply house and walked down a set of stone plate stairs till he reached the green grass floor, shimmering like the ocean. Hisma, confused, ran after him, down the same stairs that lead to the shimmering green.

Kodal walked over stone plates, past gardeners working to a sweat to maintain the rich colours of the flowerbeds and the small Kuu trees.

Hisma followed Kodal yelling, picking up the satchel from the podium as he did “I can explain everything M’lord! Please!”

The End

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