Alexis and Senna

When Alexis, a human, finds Senna, a strange other worldly creature, he brings her back to the lab where he works. Through curiosity they become friends, but with the other scientists wanting to dissect Senna will this friendship last? What is Senna doing on Earth?

It had been a quiet day so far at The Lab. The Lab was a secret laboratory where anything unnatural was brought to be studied. All the scientists were pretty excited about the over-large  foul smelling, gas belching frog  that had been brought in the other day. 

But that was when the new scientist, a  young, talented and slightly scruffy looking teen genius named  Alexis, backed in through the automatic doors. He was dragging a large wooden box with handles and air holes that tipped violently every few seconds.

" Guys.... We have a new test subject!!!" He called excitedly.


Inside the strange, horrid den-that-moves, Senna struggled against the strange vines that she had been bound with. The strange den she was enclosed in rocked.She could hear the labored breath of her captor as he dragged the strange den.

Before, the den had been stationary, but yet somehow still moving. It had been so quiet and dark that Senna had slept, only to be rudely awoken by a strong scent of the captors and a lurching of the den as the ground beneath it fell away. She was flying through the air, but for only a few seconds before she landed roughly on something hard. Then there was a roaring noise and the ground around the den started changing again. She had put one of her eyes to a  hole in the den. All she could see was other strangely colored dens that REEKED of the captors. She had sensed that her den was the only one that was still occupied. What could the captors possibly use that many dens for? She had wondered. And then she had seen the a captor coming towards her and she had ducked her head. She had then been lifted so quickly that she bounced inside the den and hit her head. She had blacked out and awoken to the scent of yet another captor and the feeling of being dragged slowly along the ground.


Alexis got two of the stronger scientists to carry the crate down to the holding cells. Once he had told them which one he wanted,  he went into the room next to the cell and waited. The wall between the room he was in and the cell was all clear plastic. The cell he had picked was set out for an intelligent creature. There was a low table with pencils and pens in a pot, a big, soft dog bed type thing in the one corner and a litter tray in another. There were various other toys for the creature to play with as well.

Just then, the large hatch at the bottom of the metal door of the cell was opened and the creature from inside the crate raced in. It was clearly glad to be out of the small enclosure. It was about the size of a five year-old child and ran on two legs like a human. It's skin was very pale, almost white and it had thick, glossy black hair on its head, much like a human. It was wearing a dirty, grass stained white tunic type thing and had a strange bow type thing across it's back and a knife at its animal skin belt. It turned and saw him staring. It began to advance toward him, a curious look in its big, dark eyes. Its eyes were much like those of a dog or a horse, no whites. It had small muzzle, and a mouth and large pink nose at the end of it,  not all that different to that of a cat. Its ears were shaped like a horse's but larger and on the sides of its head. They flicked constantly and its nose constantly twitched as it heard and smelt new things. It's hair reached the belt at its waist and covered one of it's eyes like a fringe. It's body was very slender and thin. It had three long, thin fingers and much to Alexis' surprise, opposable  thumbs. Something moved in Alexis' peripheral vision. A long, whip-lash white tail. It smacked against the glass a few times, making the glass shudder with its amazing strength. It reached out it;s arm and touched the perspex. It waited. For a moment he wondered what it wanted, but then he realized she, he decided on closer examination, was inspecting him in the same way he was inspecting her. his hands were hidden behind him, clinging to the chair as he leant forward to get a better look. He slid off the chair and knelt opposite the creature. He reached out his hand and placed it on the glass in the same place hers was. He saw the shock in her eyes when she saw four fingers. That was when he decided. He was going in.


Senna stared at the hand of the captor. His skin was the color of dead leaves, his hair golden like the leaves in the falling. His eyes were so bright and blue and full of curiosity. There was no hate or harmfulness in them. She took off her bow and laid it on the floor. He didn't look, he was getting up. She un-knotted her belt and put it next to the bow. If it came down to it she had teeth and claws. He hadn't seen her claws yet, she had the element of surprise. She was so caught up in her thoughts that she only noticed he had moved when there was a low creaking sound and there he was, no see through barrier this time. She could smell him, hear his steady breathing but racing heart. She put her back against the see-through side of the den, instincts taking over. He was so tall and strong looking, fear clouded her vision. He stopped a few paces away and knelt  in front of the tree stump. He picked one of the strange twigs up and held it out to her. She advanced, curious. Her fear had lessened now he was closer to her height. She took the twig, feeling the warmth from his hand. He said something in a strange tongue. She shook her head, utterly bemused. He gestured at the ground on the other side of the stump, next to him. She grasped his meaning, kneeling down next to him. He took a twig and scratched it along a white piece of tree skin. It made grey marks. Her eyes lit up, this was so new and exciting! There was a piece of white tree skin in front of her. She gripped the twig in her fist and scratched it against the table. She tried to make straight lines but they kept going all twisty, like the grass swaying in the wind. She let out a deep breath and looked up. He was smiling.

"Alexis." He said pointing to himself. "A-lex-is." He smiled again and pointed at her, a curious look in his eyes.

"S-Senna. Senna." She told him, pointing to herself.

He beamed. "Senna." he grinned, pointing at her.


"Uh-lex-ees." Senna said, pointing at him. " Uh- Ah- Al- Alecs- A- Alexees. Alexis." She stuttered. He smiled broadly. She was so INTELLIGENT. She was amazing.


The End

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