And So It Begins

We can't blame him.

It's 1850-something, and Alexander is entering Summeridge, a small western town in...well, it's probably in Iowa. He is so weary and ready to be done with traveling that he's lost track of where exactly he is. But he is tired of sitting on a horse all day, so he's leading his tired old animal along as he walks. Anyone can tell he's had a hard life - from the way he walks to the way his shoulders slump further down with every depressing thought that flits across his mind. His eyes are always downcast; he hasn't looked anyone in the eyes for...oh, too long for him to remember. Every so often, he stops to glance at the names of shops that he passes. When he comes across an inn, he stops and checks the amount of money in his worn pockets. His appearance changes dramatically.

After tying his horse to the post outside, Alexander enters Summeridge Inn. Gone are the shuffling steps of the weary. In their place is a saunter with a such a lazy grace that anyone would be fooled into thinking he's got an overinflated ego. His disposition has been completely transformed.

"I'd like to stay here for a month," Alexander says, slapping his money down onto the counter. 

The innkeeper counts the money. Satisfied, he retrieves a key from a set of drawers and motions for our dear Alexander to follow. 

Alexander Marcus Hale is quite satisfied with his room. There's a single bed, upon which he flings his dusty bag of possessions; a chest of drawers, into which he places his coat; a nightstand, upon which he sets his hat; and a window, through which the last sunlight of the day streams.

With a nod to the innkeeper, Alexander mutters, "This'll do" and sits down upon the bed. As soon as the innkeeper has shut the door behind himself, saying "I'll put your horse in the stable," Alexander pulls a blank-paged book from his bag, along with a pen and a bottle of ink. 

"Arrive in Summeridge - check," Alexander murmurs under his breath. "Secure an unsuspicious-looking room - check." He taps the edge of the pen against his chin, thinking. 

"Deceive, steal from, and ransack Summeridge - to be completed."

He chuckles.

The End

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