The Prequel, Chapter Forty-Six

Dear Alexander Marcus Hale,

It's me, Eve. You remember me, don't you? We used to be so close. So close, in fact, that the entire town thought we'd be married. Remember all those nights we looked up at the stars and planned our future together? I do. I remember those nights like they were yesterday. You always had such deep, such thought-provoking things to say. I guess that's one of the reasons I love you so much. You've always been different from all the other men - and in saying that, I mean it in the best way possible. No other man would ever lay his heart on the line like you did for me. It's why we fell so in love.

Because honestly, we're still in love, Alexander. No matter how much time passes, we're still in love. I know, I know, I know - you're trying to convince yourself that you can satisfy yourself with other women, but since the beginning, you and I have been the only pair that could every last.

Don't bother asking how I found out where you are. I have my sources, you know. It didn't take long for me to find out where you are. And as soon as I had your address, I sat down to write this letter. One day, Alexander, I will come and find you. You will sweep me off my feet, and we'll run away together. And this time, we won't ever come back.

You're a good man, Alexander - a man worthy of respect. I love you and respect you with a renewed passion.

Just you wait - one day, you'll discover that I'm all you've been waiting for.

Ever Yours Only,


As Alexander read the note over and over again, he could feel panic rising within him. What must Miriam think? 

Miriam had gone out to use the outhouse, so while she was gone, Alexander scanned the note, trying to make sense of his emotions. No, he didn't feel love for Eve, but he felt a strong attraction.

After all those years, time had not undone the overwhelming passion Alexander had always harbored for Eve.

Crumpling the letter, Alexander looked around the room for a place to dispose of the poisonous letter. Where could he put it? Where could he hide it so that he would never see it again? More importantly, how could he destroy the part of his heart that was tainted by ardor for Eve?

Setting his eyes on the candle that burned on the nightstand, Alexander held the paper over the flames and watched fire take hold of Eve's letter. He was aware of Miriam walking in behind him, and as he continued to burn the note, Miriam's arms came around him.

"I knew you'd do it," Miriam whispered. "I always knew you were an honorable man."

Alexander leaned back and took a deep breath. There, he'd done it. And if Eve sent any more letters, they'd also become fuel for the candle.

Eve, what have you done to me?

The End

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