The Prequel, Chapter Eighteen

Things couldn't have possibly been any worse.

Alexander sat on the front porch of his home, head resting on the back of the porch swing. His eyes were closed tightly as he tried to shove away the day's happenings from his mind. But it was all to no avail. The only thing that would numb the pain was to return to his almost-empty liquor stash, but with his parents in the house, that simply was not an option.

Hands shaking, Alexander lowered his head and tried not to weep. It had been so long since he'd cried - lately, his soul had been too empty to yield to tears. But now, the tears were threatening to pour out in a torrent.

"You'll come crawling back to me sometime," Eve had said when their relationship had ended. "Just you wait. You'll get depressed again, and you'll need me."

Alexander had scoffed at the words when he'd heard them, but they'd proven themselves to be true. He'd tried to stay away from Eve. He'd tried to put her in the past. He'd tried not to be a bad person again.

But last night, there he was, crawling back to Eve again. And she'd accepted him, though she'd made it very clear that she wasn't going to resume their old "love" again.

Oh, God, oh, God, oh God, Alexander's mind throbbed, and he rested his aching head in his tremoring hands. I can't do this anymore. I know You won't want to help me, but at least let me die so I don't have to go on like this any longer.

There was the sound of a horse's neigh in the distance, and Alexander lifted his head. There was a carriage not too far off. Alexander stood and was about to walk into the house when he heard her voice.

"Alexander! Yoo-hoo! I'm back!"


Things couldn't have possibly been any better.

The End

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