The Prequel, Chapter Seventeen

But when there's an empty hole in your heart, you're very likely to fill it with the wrong things.

Jennifer Brady, age sixteen. Beautiful. Quiet. Trusting. And terribly alluring to Alexander. As soon as she'd come to live with Alexander's aunt's family, it was apparent that she was interested in Alexander. And frankly, Alexander was extremely interested in her. 

They started out the way things often seem to start - acquaintances, then friends, then good friends...and then something more. But this time, the relationship progressed far more quickly than it had with Eve. Within two weeks, Alexander was positively convinced that Jennifer was the girl who could make him feel alive again. While his heart was still torn by Eve, Jennifer seemed to be ever so healing. 

Jennifer had come from a broken home, one where she'd been ignored and eventually abandoned. She came to trust Alexander quickly - too quickly. Because before long, Alexander found himself entertaining thoughts of the "most disgraceful kind," as Eve had often said with a sly smile. 

It was all too simple. Alexander was hurt; Jennifer was willing to comfort him. In any way she found necessary.

This time, Alexander didn't think twice. He figured he'd already fallen; what was the use of getting back up? He was already hellbound; what was the use of trying to better himself? And in any case, Jennifer was a far better person than Eve had ever been. It only made sense that they would fan the flames of passion for one another, didn't it?

No, it didn't. It wasn't right, and Alexander knew it. But he didn't care as much this time. This time, he wouldn't bother to stop the progression of their so-called "love." And even if he'd tried to stop it, he knew he was too weak to withstand temptation. He'd dug his own grave, and he'd dug it well. Too well.

On a particularly exciting evening, Alexander had considered proposing to Jennifer. It was only the honorable thing to do, and weren't they in love, anyways? But then, Miriam's face had popped into his mind. That was when he'd broken off the relationship between himself and Jennifer. For some reason, Miriam changed everything.

Jennifer was immediately crushed. Heartbroken. Disbelieving.

Alexander wasn't, though. He was too drunk to remember.

The End

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