The Prequel, Chapter Fourteen

Alexander had just turned seventeen when the unthinkable happened.

Eve was at it again, full force. Now that she'd taken what she wanted - now that there was nothing worse they could do - she didn't hide her manipulative passions any longer. Everytime she saw Alexander, she stayed at his side, casting him those glances and smiles that were so hard to resist. Sometimes, she'd even act "disgraceful" in public, leaving Alexander with a reputation not even worth dust.

Despair, despair, despair. The word became the theme of Alexander's life. Because now that he had fallen, it seemed he was unable to get back up. He found himself sneaking out more and more often - sometimes, even in broad daylight. Everytime he left the house, he was filled with hunger and despair. And everytime he came back, there was nothing but condemnation and self-loathing inside his soul.

Life became a game of survival - taking what he needed to survive, but giving himself no more than the bare minimums. Alexander found himself withdrawing from his friendships and from all the hobbies he had so enjoyed - poetry and reading and sketching and music...

On one especially disheartening day, Alexander was in town for the sole purpose of purchasing a birthday gift for his mother when Eve pulled him aside. She had a look of complete disdain in her eyes.

"Goodness, Alexander, you look miserable. Every day, you look worse and worse. There are always circles under your eyes, and the light is going out from inside them. You look absolutely terrible. What happened to the Alexander I fell in love with?"

Disgusted by Eve's all-too-accurate description of himself, Alexander pushed Eve away, despite the fact that he was desperate for her touch. "Eve happened to the Alexander you fell in love with," he muttered, shaking his head.

Eve was clearly annoyed. "As if it's all my fault!" she scoffed. "If anyone, Alexander, you're the guilty one. You used me, remember?"

"Yeah, and I guess I was the one to seek you out first," Alexander countered, not in the mood for arguing with Eve. Still, he found himself desiring one of her mind-numbing kisses. He looked away.

Eve laughed. "Come on, Alexander. Even if I hadn't chased you down, it would have only been a matter of time before we fell in love."

Alexander was tired of arguing, even though they'd only just begun. Pulling Eve aside, he led her into an alleyway, one which nobody ever frequented. Finally alone, he bent down and kissed her hungrily. She responded, but only for a moment or so. Breaking the kiss, she put her hands on her hips. "You know, William offers alot more than you do."

Alexander felt as though someone had punched him in the stomach. "William?" he asked angrily. "William Tanner? He's not a good man, Eve."

"Oh, and I suppose you consider yourself a good man?"

"He's not for you, Eve. Have you heard all the rumors about him?"

Eve laughed and adjusted Alexander's shirt. "Have you heard all the rumors about yourself?" she commented in quiet revenge. She reached up and kissed Alexander, wrapping her arms around him. When they were finished, she met Alexander's eyes. "All I'm saying is, if you want to keep me, then you'd better try harder." She began to walk away, but Alexander caught her wrist. 

"What are you saying?"

"I already told you: if you want to keep me, you'd better try harder. You're such a downer lately. All you can think about is what a bad person you are. Maybe you're a bad person, Alexander, but you belong to me. And you won't belong to me if you keep convincing yourself that our relationship is sinful." She shrugged. "William isn't like you. He's confident and doesn't think twice about kissing me."

For the first time in his life, Alexander slapped a woman. He was so angry that he honestly didn't care if he'd hurt Eve. "You mean you kissed him?" he choked out when he could finally get control of himself.

"If you want to keep me, Alexander Marcus Hale, then you'd better try harder. Much harder. I'm starting to rethink falling in love with a man with a tortured heart." Eve raised her eyebrows. "Well, I'd better get going," she said, stepping out into public so that Alexander couldn't pull her back. "Have a nice day."

Alexander fell to his knees right then and there, unable to breathe. She doesn't love me anymore.

As soon as he got home, Alexander locked himself in his room, shaking. His father had locked up the whiskey after Alexander's drinking incident.

Think, think, think, Alexander. There's got to be a way to find more liquor.

The End

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