The Prequel, Chapter Ten

The next few days crawled along. Alexander, who was an apprentice of sorts under his father, busied himself by working in his father's doctor's clinic. He hadn't ever really wanted to be a doctor, but it seemed the most accessible future for him. At any rate, the fact that his son wanted to be a doctor made Thomas very happy - and at this point, Alexander was willing to do just about anything to stay on his father's good side. He helped treat patients without a word of complaint, though on the inside, Alexander was a mess.

But the worst part...the worst part was in knowing that try as he might to be a "good man," as Eve had called him, Alexander was extremely weak. Though on the outside, he seemed to be completely collected, there was no denying the fact that he was weaker than most when it came to women. And Eve certainly wasn't helping any. The more they saw each other, the harder she made it to resist.

Five weeks after the "incident," Alexander was trying unsuccessfully to sleep, when he heard the sound of a pebble hitting his window. Oh, great. Not this again.

Alexander tried to ignore the pebble, but when more pebbles were thrown at his window, he walked over to the window. Sure enough, there was Eve, a smirk on her face. "I thought you'd never come."

"Get out of here," Alexander replied, though he desperately wanted to join Eve outside. He'd become dependent on her company, addicted to her kisses. She brought out the worst in him, and it tormented him more than he could say. But he just couldn't stay away.

"Not yet!" Eve hissed back. "Come on! I have to show you something!"

Alexander slammed the window shut, but the pebbles began to shower upon his window again. Groaning, he opened the window and climbed out.

Eve's reaction was instant. She was there, kissing him, but there was something different in her touch that night. When she pulled away, she took Alexander's hands. "You know," she whispered, "when two people are really in love, like you and I are, it makes them come up with crazy ideas."

"Like what?" Alexander asked, trying to gather his thoughts.

"Like we should run off together. You and I. We should run off and leave this old town behind. We should find a place of our own and live life how we want to live it. Doesn't it sound grand?"

Alexander shook his head. "They'd never let us get married. We wouldn't have any life, Eve. We'd return within a week."

Eve laughed. "You're so naive, Alexander. Who says we'd have to get married? It would be such a glorious scandal. We'd be the talk of the town for years after."

Alexander wasn't as horrified by Eve's words as he let on. Yes, he'd been expected a scheme like this from Eve for quite some time now. "No, Eve. We're staying here, and that's final."

Eve traced Alexander's face with one finger, a dreadful look in her eye. "Let's run away tonight, then. We can come back tomorrow, if you'd like. Let's just see if we can make it on our own. There's a little rundown house a mile or so from here. It would be a most glorious little home. Don't you think it sounds nice? We could come back in the morning, if you wouldn't want to run away forever."

Alexander closed his eyes and sagged against the side of the house. He knew the gravity of what Eve was saying. He knew he'd be forever shunned if he considered running away with her, even for just one day.

He came to a decision. 

The End

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