another thing im pondering. ever liked or been intersed in Alexander the Great and his battles? well this is a story for those who think hes a total dick (s'cuse my french). based in Persia, would love to hear what you think of it! R/R would be appreciated, and i might actually start writing it for real!

The legendary Alexander the Great has defeated Darius, the king of Persia, and has proclaimed himself the Shahunshan; the Persian King of Kings. With this part of his exhibition over Asia completed, he has taken upon the traditions of the Persian culture, and has encouraged his people of Macedonia to do so as well. This follows the story of the lost heir to the Persian Empire; a girl of sixteen years old thieving and begging in the streets of Persia, who is the niece of Darius and rightful heir to the throne. But with Alexander in power, there is no hope of succession. Amidst her struggles to survive, a young Greek soldier of Alexander’s army, has been stationed in Persia and is commanded to patrol the streets to keep order from possible mutinies of the civilians. Like many of the first Soldiers of Alexander’s expedition, he has grown frustrated with the commanding king’s ambition to conquer the world. In a way these two share a thing in common.

Adileh- niece to Darius and lost heir to the Persian throne

Dante- Greek soldier stationed in Persia

Alexander the great-Macedonian king and conqueror of Asia

Roxana-Persian noble woman and Alexander’s wife

Naseem-Persian beggar boy who is a dearest friend of Adileh

Beginning: the year is 331,BC, Story goes over how Alexander defeated Darius’ army, before fleeing from the battle of Gaugamela, leaving victory in the hands of the Macedonian king. With Persia in control of Alexander and his army, he has fulfilled his vendetta, and can lead his people home, but his greed inflated ego has given him more reason to outdo his dead father King Phillip the second, and plans to continue his exhibition over Asia, much against the wills of his home sick army.

Before this however, Alexander has taken upon the traditions and clothing attire of the people of Persia as a sign of becoming somewhat connected with his new land and its people, to see him not as a ruthless tactical killing machine, but as a man just like everyone else. With this idea, he has encouraged his soldiers to do so as well, and has given them permission to wed Persian maidens as a sign of good faith to Macedonia and Persia. This in some way has angered many on both sides, with the Greek soldiers still seeing Persians as the sly enemy, and the Persians still seeing the Greeks as the rivals who tainted their land and buildings with their presence and their force of order.

Dante, a man in his early twenties, is one of Alexander’s foot infantry who after their victory was stationed in Persia as so called policeman, to keep order in the corrupting streets of Persia. With this new position like many of his fellow soldiers, he has a reason to be angry. With this new anger of home sickness, the soldiers abuse their power and take their anger on their newly conquered Persian ‘brothers’. This fuels the anger of the many Persian civilians still crushed by their defeat, and angered at the somewhat strange behaviour of their new Shahunshan, confused as to why he is so merciful.To many, this is appreciated, but to most, it is seen as an insult to their pride. Persia was a rather poor country even before the war, resulting many beggars in the town to defend for themselves. Caught in the middle, they are hated as much as the invaders.

Adileh is a sixteen year old Persian girl who thieves and begs to survive in the slums of Persia. She also shares the hate of the newcomers, and their new attempts to keeping them under control. Persian soldiers would normally have trouble with controlling the thieves in the city, and with them gone and these new soldiers stationed, the thieves see opportunity to take their weight in food to keeping them from dying of hunger, knowing full well that these soldiers have no experience with their people or with the city around them. But what makes Adileh so significant is her relation to the late King Darius the third; Adileh is Darius’ Niece, and rightful heir to the throne of Persia.

However, she doesn’t know that she is the next in line. With her royal blood, one would assume that she wouldn’t be tucked away in the slums, but with the constant war, and murder of family by Greek soldiers, she has been left for dead and neglected, forced to fend for herself.

Eventually, Dante and Adileh meet and hate each other at first, holding similar hates and wants for their people and themselves, but Dante finds out about Adileh’s right to succession and decides to keep her close, close enough that the two fall in love. Dante hopes to put her on the throne and with her power perhaps convince Alexander to let Dante’s people go home where they wish to be.

It’s a story about scheming, plots, murder, love and a few history lessons.

Tell me what you think? Yes I know for you history nuts that some of the things in this story are not true or what not, but their are plenty of other accounts of history, and I’m just writing it in the way that suits the story. Is it a fluke? Or does it have a chance? Dedicated to my Classics class at Fraser High :)

this might even become a collaborative work if anyone would like to join, just post me and we'll talk :D

reviews and critics are appreciated, and if you think it has a chance i might start writing it! thanks - Daisy

The End

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