I dont know what compound we're mixing together, and if I'm totally honest I dont care all that much. All I know is that we could mix any of these highly dangerous chemicals we liked, so I'm just going to use favorite colours.  Red clear liquid, purple powder, green cloudy substance and... midnight blue shavings. I looked across the lab room and began to fantasize about Lucas, the cutest guy to ever walk the earth. I know I dont have a chance with him though, I have dull  brown hair for crying out loud, and his girlfriend has gorgeous blonde hair. I heard a slight snap that brought me back to earth, the mixture was emitting a cloud of smoke. Everyone began to cough and splutter, the smoke must be harmful but then...why aren't I coughing too? The fire alarm rang and everyone evacuated the school, all because Alex Johanson made yet another mistake.

The End

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