Alex Styker: Super Star

This is basically about a freshman in high school who tries to make it big.
This is NOT the story I was talking about on my profile page. This is a different story that I've been working on. Unfortunately, I haven't much idea on how to finish it. I have an ending, but no middle XP. I'll try and work on it though.

“And the Oscar Nominees for Best Actress of the Decade are Carmen Diaz, Angelina Jolie, Gabrielle Union, and Alex Stryker,” Anne Hathaway announced holding the golden coveted trophy. It was going to be mine. I could feel it.

        “And the winner is…” Anne Hathaway started. I sat up in the chair and fixed my turquoise dress and shook my black hair out of my face. This was it. All she had to say was ‘Alex Stryker’. “Jimmy Hunter!” she exclaimed in the microphone. The cameras turned toward my older brother as he strutted down the aisle to receive his trophy. How could Jimmy win? He wasn’t even a nominee!

        “Wow, uh,” Jimmy began with a huge grin etched on his face. Wow’s right, Brother. “I would just like thank God first and foremost. I would also like to thank my Mom, Dad, my girlfriend, Betsy Johnson, and lastly I would like to thank my best friend Reggie. Without him, I never would’ve won this award.” How come I was never mentioned in that speech? A fiery red pigment shown threw my chocolate skin. My hair became a bright blue flame. I flew towards my brother.

“I deserve that award!” I screamed as I kicked him square in the jaw. He glared at me with bright scarlet irises. He was pissed. Suddenly, an Oscar was thrown at me and spat in my eye. I began focusing my anger on the Oscar which is exactly what Jimmy wanted. As I fought the evil Oscar, he snuck up behind me and kicked me in the back. That blow to my back ended my acting career. I lied on the stage. Everything was circling around me. It was over all over. Jimmy hovered over me and-

        Beep! Beep! I slapped the snooze button. Stupid alarm clock, always interrupting my dreams. In this case, I’m kind glad it did. That was a terribly unrealistic dream. Like I would ever lose an Oscar, especially to Jimmy.

I wiped the gunk out of my eyes, yawned, and slowly crawled out of bed. I can’t focus on that today. I have more important matters to focus on like how to wear my hair and what outfit I should put on. Today will be my first day of high school at Hamilton High and I need to look the part. I trudged to my vanity and sat down in the chair. How should I have my hair? That depended solely on the outfit. I planned to wear was a nice pale green sweater to match my green plaid skirt, black tights, and flats. Standing up, I modeled my outfit.  “How do I look?” I asked my poster of my idol: Diana Ross (is it pathetic that I talk to posters for guidance? Yes, yes it is, but I need all the help I can get today). Silently, I waited for my inaudible answer. “Yea, I do look amazing, don’t I?”

I skipped down the stairs nearly tripping on air. Luckily for me, some guy made railings for dorks like me. After today though, I won’t be such a dork. You see, the new high school I’m going to has a killer arts program which will definitely help my overall career as an actress. Every year they have a fall play, musical, spring play, and talent show where certain talent scouts come. I’m going to become a superstar this year! It’s my time in the lemon light (lime lights are overrated).

“Good Morning, Francine,” Mom said cheerfully as she set a plate of bacon and pancakes on the table.

“Mother, I prefer Alex,” I poured myself a glass of orange juice.

“You’re birth certificate would beg to differ,” she replied sitting at the table next to Dad who was hidden behind a newspaper (a fatherly figure cliché).

“I smell bacon!” Jimmy yawned lumbering down the stairs. When he had got down and sat at the table, he turned to me his mouth full of pancakes. “You ready for your first day of high school, Frankie?”

“It’s Alex and sort of,” I answered sipping my orange juice.

“Well, you should be plenty prepared after my advice I’d given you,” Jimmy said with a sly grin on his face. “You do remember it, right?”

I nodded. How could I forget? I mean, it was straight forward advice. He had given me his “helpful suggestions of survival” last week sometime. Basically, he said make friends “high up” in status, be popular, and NEVER eat the cafeterias meat loaf (of course, I paraphrased a little. His exact words were have cool friends, be cool, and stay clear of the meat loaf). Yep, those were my brother’s words of wisdom. He definitely practices what he preaches because he’s super popular and has never had food poisoning.

“Okay kids,” Dad put down the newspaper. “Get to school.”

“Have a good first day, sweetie,” Mom called after me as I closed the door.

No promises, Mom, I thought.


The End

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